garage space into a happening place

So the summer is almost here, and it’s time to organize outdoor parties. Throwing a party or get together inside the house can be a nuisance because you can break things quickly, so moving the party outside is a great idea unless you have a garden or a dedicated patio for the occasion.

Your garage is one of the options to host a summer party. If you give it a thought, it’s a great idea to throw a party in your garage because it is one of the largest spaces in your house. The garage is also the only space in the house where you needn’t worry about breaking things.

According to the American Housing Survey, 80% of all homeowners have a garage. While there are too many garages, most homeowners are less likely to use them other than parking their car or stuffing their old items.

If you want a substantial-sized place where you can throw a party without worrying about direct sunlight, fleas and pests, and noise complaints from your neighbors, it’s your garage.

With a bit of upgrade, you can turn the useless garage space into a happening place. If you’re wondering about onlookers staring inside your garage, installing a simple garage door screen will provide the much-needed shield.

7 Best Summer Garage Party Ideas

Here are seven handy tips for summer garage party ideas.

1. Store and Organize the Space

The first thing you need to do is ‘de-clutter space. By organizing your garage, you gain twice more space to organize your part. Start with putting away all the clutter in your garage, including empty boxes, car lubricants, lawnmower, rusted bicycle, old broken lamps, etc. By cleaning your garage, we meant a complete garage overhaul.

It’s also an excellent time to get rid of what you don’t need. Most homeowners choose to tuck away old fan units and machinery in their garage. You can start decluttering your garage for good.

Adding vertical storage in the garage is an excellent idea to organize items without creating unnecessary clutters. A garage storage system with a slat wall can be a massive help in keeping brooms, tools, and other equipment in their place. You can also use the vertical storage to hang decorations, balloons, banners for the party.

Note: When clearing out your garage, make sure to remove the object that can cause harm. You don’t want anyone, especially kids, to harm themselves from sharp tools and heavy equipment accidentally. Ensure to tuck away anything that can cause injuries, such as car and home tools, machinery, grass fork, shovel, etc.

2. Install a Garage Door Screen

You must add a temporary cover to hide the interior of the garage from plain view. It will also hide your ongoing party from the prying eyes of the onlookers.

Invest in a good garage door screen. A garage door screen is a mesh that acts as a barrier between the outside and inside the garage without compromising the air circulation and view. Not only it’ll keep bugs and other animals out but also keep the garage air circulated to prevent stuffiness.

The temperature inside the garage can rise dramatically during summer; hence it’s a good idea to add a door screen that lets the fresh air in without letting the sunlight, pests, and onlookers’ gaze inside.

A door screen also helps to add decor to your party.

3. Install Lights, Lamps, and Disco Ball

Decorative lights such as hang lights and paper balls are a great addition to garage parties. These can come in handy for garages hidden from direct sunlight. Also, proper lighting can lift the party’s mood.

Consider upgrading your garage lighting to LED shop lights. These are a great and practical choice because a single bulb can provide sufficient brightness for various activities. Most shop lights hand directly from your garage ceiling hence saving precious floor space for guests.

If you want to add groove to your garage party, consider adding a disco ball on the ceiling. You can easily find Disco Lights DJ Ball Strobe with Rotating Led on Amazon. A remote-controlled disco ball offers RGB color choices suitable for different occasions such as dance parties, birthdays, family gatherings, etc.

4. Get a Snooker Board

Snooker table and pool tables are a great addition to your summer garage party. You and your friends can indulge in a game of pool when you’re partying or just hanging out. Those who want to take a break from dancing can hit the pool table for a quick game.

It’s an excellent choice to install a smaller snooker table (pool table) because of the varying garage sizes. The first thing you need to ask is if the pool table could fit in your garage. Ensure that your pool table is regulation size and has at least 48-in – 58-in of clear space around it. A 6-ft or 7-ft pool table is excellent for most garages. If you own a double garage, you can go with 10-ft or more.

Consider adding a slate pool table that doesn’t easily get ruined by frequent drink spills.

5. Garage Party Decor and Other Essentials

No summer party is ever complete without the right decorations. It would be best if you were proactive about decorating your garage for the summer party because the decor should reflect the summer mood.

Keep in mind; your decoration shouldn’t compensate for the seating, a table for snacks and drinks, and a dance floor.

Unlike outdoor parties, you can decorate your garage for any theme. Please spend some time decorating your garage to make it feel more comfortable for your guests. For a summer party, it’s good to choose bright and vibrant colors that match the positive tone of your party. Adding green plants is a great idea to keep the garage fresh that resembles your garden.

Don’t forget summer refreshments like lemonade, chilled beer, snacks, and refills stationed on a side table.

6. Music & Portable Speaker

Can you imagine a party without good music? Your summer party can go to waste if you don’t have an assorted list of music and a speaker to play them aloud.

Bluetooth speakers are a great addition to the summer garage party. You can find great portable speakers ranging from JBL Flip 5, Tribit Stormbox, Bang & Olufsen Beosound, Linn Series, and Dynaudio Music 5 on Amazon. Most portable speakers come under $50 and do an excellent job for an indoor setting without leaking the sound outside. Another advantage of a Bluetooth speaker is that you need not bring heavy speakers into the garage that needs a connection to the electric sockets.

Don’t forget to update your music list on your smartphone before starting the party.

7. Add Wall Coverings

Wallcovering is a great party decoration. They can dramatically turn your bland garage indoor into something exciting. Depending on your party’s theme and color scheme, you can start choosing an appropriate wall covering.

Ensure that you choose a temporary wall covering for the summer party, so you needn’t repaint your garage wall after every gathering.

Two of the most popular choices for wall coverings are:

  1. Fabric– Fabric comprises panels of decorative cloth that can be nailed to the walls with a staple gun. You can choose to use glue dots to stick the fabric to the wall.
  2. Streamers or Ribbons– You can find streamers or ribbons in a wide range of colors. These can be cut and taped to all kinds of garage walls. According to your party’s theme, you can choose the color of ribbons for wall covering.


Suppose you’re about to use your custom garage space for occasional partying or gathering. In that case, it’s a good idea to paint your floor with an epoxy garage floor coating that provides an extra pop of color and protection from heavy foot traffic and liquid spills.

Consider placing a long folding table against the wall designated as the serving area to free up more space inside the garage. You can install a mini-fridge in your garage that holds ice and drinks, especially for summer parties and gatherings.

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