Are Heated Garage Worth It?

heated garage worth it

Entirely! The heated garage will keep your garage unit warm in any weather or climate, hence saving on costly energy bills and protecting the car from winter damages. An unheated garage can prove to be costly in the long term. Along with raking up your energy bills on heating the house, it can cause damage … Read more

Rubber floor for garage

A garage floor shouldn’t be misunderstood for a bare concrete floor used only for parking vehicles. A sturdy and resilient garage floor can handle the heaviest vehicle weights and constant foot and vehicle traffic for years. A proper garage floor covering will enhance the overall look of your garage if you decide to turn it … Read more

Garage Flooring

Your concrete garage floor takes a lot of foot traffic and heavy vehicle movement, including a lot of abuse from moisture, car oil drips, liquid spills, antifreeze, and road salt. Without proper protection, your garage floor will soon start seeing cracks, rips, and color fades. Garage flooring adds protection to your concrete surface and prevents … Read more

Garage Safety Tips

Although the state laws strictly advise homeowners to adopt safety measures such as installing a modern garage door opener and sturdy door panels, many homeowners are careless about storing items in their garages. Much to your surprise, your garage may contain a host of hazardous substances like anti-freeze, flammable car lubricants, adhesive, paint cans, and … Read more

garage space into a happening place

So the summer is almost here, and it’s time to organize outdoor parties. Throwing a party or get together inside the house can be a nuisance because you can break things quickly, so moving the party outside is a great idea unless you have a garden or a dedicated patio for the occasion. Your garage … Read more