Belt Drive vs Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

When designing a garage door, you’d need to mindful of many things. Among many other things, choosing garage door opener type is often the most crucial. If your preferred garage door opening system ends up not supporting the garage’s weight and width, you’d need to find an immediate replacement, which can be costly and time-consuming. … Read more

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

When designing a garage door, you’d need to be mindful about installing the garage door opener. What type of opener to choose will entirely depend on your garage type (attached or non-attach), weight and material of the garage door, and budget. If you’re familiar with different garage door openers, you’d agree that chain drive technology … Read more

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener is a key to smoothly opening or closing a garage door. It’s a motorized device attached to the door that opens and closes the garage door panels. A typical electric garage door opener comprises a power unit and an electric motor that attaches to a track. A trolley connected to an … Read more

Garage Door Rust

The issue of garage door rust is common in almost every metal garage door. The unpleasant rusty look can become a long-term problem if not treated on time. Untreated door rust can begin to create holes in the garage door. The rainfall and moisture can easily seep into the garage door, creating other unavoidable problems … Read more

Best Garage Door Lock

A garage door lock is slightly different from home locks. The garage door locks are more ideal for bigger doors that require strength and durability. Protecting your vehicles, valuable assets, and tools is equally important; hence a quality garage door lock can become an important home security option. Whichever kind of garage door you may … Read more