Garage Door Screen

If you own a garage, you already know how useful space can become. Along with turning it into a gym, you can host parties inside the garage, start a workspace, or even make a temporary shelter. However, an open garage can easily invite pests, animals, and critters. To keep them away, you’d need a door screen that properly covers your garage entrance.

What is a garage door screen, and how does it work?

A garage door screen is a temporary door that can be installed, folded, and removed without difficulty. It’s light-weight with a sliding door that allows you to walk in and out of the garage. The screen wall is covered mesh that lets the air easily circulate inside the garage.

You can easily convert your garage into any other home space with a door screen. Along with keeping pests and onlookers away, it adds to the ambiance of the garage space.

Garage Screen Doors are just like see-through partition that acts as a barrier between outside and inside the garage. It prevents pests from crawling inside while providing ventilation for air circulation.

The newly improved garage space, well-protected with a door screen, can be used for various purposes. You can turn it into a makeshift gym, a workspace to fix your car or furniture, a place to party or gathering.

How does it work?

A garage door screen is a makeshift screen that works with your existing garage door.

  • It’s usually fully spring-loaded, making it easy to open or close. The screen door tracks are mounted parallel to the existing garage door track without taking up any more space.
  • Whenever you need the door screen, you can simply retract it or pull it down.
  • The door screen also contains a retractable door for ease of entry and exit.

Benefits of Garage Door Screen

Work with a professional garage door installer to help you pick the best garage door screen that matches your lifestyle and needs.

Here are the five best reasons why you should install a screen door in your garage.

It expands your home’s square footage

A garage is basically not included in a living space. When you convert your garage into a living space, you suddenly gain square footage. With square footage, you can use the extra space for activities that you can’t generally do inside the house, like hosting a large gathering or party or working on your craft like carpentry.

Additional space in the house means you can use it as per your need.

It’s energy-efficient

By opening the garage door and adding a door screen, you can allow air to pass in and out easily. This will eliminate the need to add a portable A/C system or multiple fans inside your garage. A door screen can be useful when you’re partying inside the garage. It will allow the air to circulate freely. This can definitely reduce any extra energy-cost.

It prevents pest and insects from entering your garage

When you keep the garage open, different kinds of pests and insects and crawl or fly inside. This can be a bothering experience when you’re working inside the garage. A door screen acts as a barrier that allows the air to pass in but bugs. Door screens can become very important when partying in the evening or night because insects often make their way inside your home in the dark.

It keeps your garage clean

The door screen stops leaves, dirt, pollen, and dust from flying inside the garage. It creates a protective barrier that lets the air in but keeps all foreign elements outside. When you’re working inside an open garage, for example, mending your car, the dust that flies in can easily settle on the greased mechanical parts.

It improves the security

Leaving a garage protected with a door screen is far secured than just leaving it open. If you keep your tools and equipment inside the garage, it’s a better idea to install a door screen to keep it hidden from the onlooker’s sight.

Types of Garage Door Screen

You can find different types of garage door screens in the market. The three most common garage door screens are.

Roll-up screen doors

Roll-up screen doors are the most affordable and most common garage door screens. Whenever you need it, you can roll down the screen door and roll-up to exit. It’s useful for homeowners that rarely use the garage screen feature.

Retractable screen

Retractable screen doors are common door screens installed using a housing system that attaches to the header. You can use a remote control to raise or lower the screen or use your hand to pull it up and down.

Sliding screen doors

Sliding screen doors remain fixed in their place. You can either manually slide it open or use a remote controller to open and close the sliding screen.

DIY Garage Door Screen

It’s effortless to create a custom screen door for your garage. Here is a DIY method to create one at home.


  • A roll of fiberglass screen
  • a #10 aluminum extra-long heavy-duty separating zipper with 2-handle double pull
  • Velcro brand fastener
  • Scissors, measuring, tape, satin blanket bindings, and tin snips

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Start with measuring your garage door. The measurement will depend on if you want to mount your screen either inside or outside the garage.
  • Next, cut the garage door screen panels into two. It’s best to buy a 48″ wide fiberglass roll. Roll it over the driveway and cut it carefully.
  • Pin your extra-long zipper between the two garage door screen panels. You can alternatively use a Velcro fastener. In the case of using a zipper, you must sew it into the edges of fiberglass panels.
  • Now test fit it to the garage door and check if there is any excess. Attach the bias tape to the bottom of the screen door and sew it into place.
  • Next, peel and stick the Velcro fastener to the sides and top. Snip off the extra-long-zipper.
  • At last, you can fit the screen door to the garage door. It takes less than a minute.


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