Genie Garage Door Openers Problems

Genie garage door opener is known for its convenient and easy-to-use garage door openers. The integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in LED lighting, and optional battery backup provide a durable garage door opener option for all kinds of garages.

The trademark ALADDIN CONNECT offers a smart control option that lets you remotely monitor and control your garage door with your smart device from any place.

Each garage door opener from Genie can last up to 15 years if taken care of properly. That being said, it isn’t entirely free from problems.

Like other smart garage door opening units, Genie garage door openers can encounter problems such as the garage door won’t open completely and the remote control keypads won’t respond. When your garage door suddenly stops operating correctly, you should know that it’s time to check on your garage door opener to locate the problem.

The cost for installing a new garage door can run from $500 to $1500; hence maintaining and repairing your Genie garage door opener on time can save you a lot of money in the future.

Common Problems with Genie Garage Door Opener

Here is the list of the ten most common garage door issues.

Wireless Keypad won’t Work

Genie offers a convenient and easy-to-use remote controller, but this system becomes less reliable after numerous syncing and resyncing. If you cannot open your garage door properly after numerous attempts, you can consider reprogramming the opener.

  • Access the Opener, a boxed device attached to your garage ceiling.
  • Push and hold the “Program Set” or square button until the circuit LED is lit up. The oblong LED adjacent to the circular LED will then flash purple, and then you’ll get into the programming mode.
  • In the “programming mode,” find the small circular LED and button labeled “Radio Signal” and “Learn Code.”
  • Reset the opener by pressing and holding the “Learn Code” until the “Radio Signal” begins flashing.
  • Bring out your remote controller and press the unlabeled rectangular button on your remote once. Once done, the oblong purple LED light on the opener will flash as a solid purple and stop blinking. The same button you pushed in your remote controller will open and close the garage door here on.
  • Press the same button and wait for both the elliptical and circular LED to light up blue before switching off. This will calibrate the opener and sync it with your remote device. Press the same button one more time to operate the Genie garage door. Voila!

Genie Garage Door doesn’t respond to Transmitters (Remote) but Wall Button

This is one of the most common problems with Genie Garage Door Openers. The garage door won’t respond to the remote controller, but it will respond when you press the wall switch button instead.

The problem is either due to a blocked path between the sensors, unclean sensor eyes, or loose wires. In this case, the remote controller fails to operate the garage door. While in some cases, the door will move a bit and then reverse.

  1. To solve this problem, check if the eyes on the sensors are clean. You can use a clean cloth or fiber cloth to clean the sensors.
  2. If sensor eyes aren’t the problem, consider checking if the sensor path is aligned and working fine. You can manually fix the sensor’s alignment by checking if both the receiving and sending end is responding. If both the red “Source” and green “Sensor” light bulbs are working fine (not blinking), then the door mechanism should be working fine. Check if one or both of the lights are off and then check for faulty fuses, breakers, and plugs for problems. If just the red “Source” LED is out, consider unplugging and then replugging the unit from the power source to reset the system.

If your garage door sensors are faulty or worn out, it’s time to replace them.

Genie Garage Door Reverses Before Hitting the Floor

This is probably because of a wrong open-limit and a close-limit setting. Ensure that the limit switch is set beyond the point in the opener motor unit at which the door fully closes because the limits set the distance the door will open or close before stopping,

Here is how you can solve it.

  1. For a screw-drive or chain-drive garage door unit, you need to set the limit closer to the motor unit, so the door panels shut off earlier. If your chain drive has “driven limits,” you can adjust them using a screwdriver. You’ll find the drive limits located on the back or side of the motor unit head.
  2. The adjustment screws will need calibration or readjustments to fix the close-force setting’s sensitivity.

Genie Garage Door is Opening and Closing by itself

The Garage door opening and closing by itself is most probably caused by a short circuit. The short circuit is most likely to be in one of two places, in one of your transmitters (remote controller) or the wall-keypad wiring.

A short circuit in the transmitter sends continuous signals to the garage door. When you pull out of the driveway, as the garage door closes, the door’s carriage and arm run past the down limit and hits the header bracket to start reversing; this causes the garage door to open.

  1. Start by troubleshooting this garage door problem. Remove the batteries from your transmitters and try operating the garage door from the wall-keypad instead. If the problem persists, you should start looking into other units for fault.
  2. Try removing the wall-keypad wire at the motor unit head to ensure it is not a short in the wire to the button. Once you disconnect the wall-keypad, try operating the garage openers with the transmitters. If it solves the problem, consider replacing the faulty wires and then test the wall button wires.

Genie Garage Door Won’t Respond to Remote or Keypad

This is a common issue with the door opener unit that uses remote control.

To troubleshoot the problem, start with checking your keyless entry sensor. Make sure you are in the range of the garage, and nothing is blocking the signal. Move closer to find the range, and make sure to position the remote controller’s antenna towards the door. Most smart garage door openers use small radios that operate at about 315mH. Even a few feet of extra distance can affect the signal of the remote control.

  1. Consider replacing the remote controller’s batteries if the wall switch keypad is working fine and the remote control isn’t.
  2. If your remote keyword doesn’t respond to the command even after replacing the battery, then it’s time to reprogram it. The button in the garage door remote control can sometimes lose its programming after excessive use. You can consider resetting it and then reprogramming it to your desired limit switch settings. (Refer to the first solution provided in this article.)

If your Genie garage door remote controller is working unreliably, its batteries may be losing their charge, or it’s time to replace the device itself.

Genie Garage Door Motor Runs but the Door Doesn’t Open

Although rare, this problem can sometimes occur when you accidentally pull the red emergency-release cord from the motor that hangs down from the trolley.

  1. Pulling the red emergency cord will disconnect the garage door from the opener so the user can manually operate the door.
  2. Check whether the trolley is disconnected from the opener to troubleshoot this problem. You can snap the wire back to its place. With most Genie garage-door opener models, you can easily do this by pulling the disconnected emergency-release cord back toward the opener.

Genie garage door opener is guaranteed to work effectively even in harsh weather conditions such as snowfall. You can take advantage of the integrated smart connect garage door opener and access your garage door remotely.

Always keep a manufacturer’s manual with you to help troubleshoot different problems with the garage door opener. If you aren’t unable to solve it yourself, you should contact Genie to get a qualified technician to visit your home to evaluate and repair the problem.


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  1. My keypad will open or close, SOMETIMES. It is less than a year old and isn’t used very often but it is NOT reliable. The one I have now is a replacement for the original which was causing the same problem. Both the original and the replacement worked fine for several weeks but neither i or was reliable Any suggestions?

  2. I just installed the genie 7055d and it will close but opens about 5 inches and stops although I set it to open all the way

  3. traded out the sensors for new ones. replaced wires to sensors. the “plug clip” going into the main unit brock. tied into the “screw” connection. I have a solidena

  4. The Wall unit will open & close but my automobile wireless & portable wireless unit
    no longer opens & closes the door. (the portable unit opened & closed the door
    twice w/ a new battery installed and then didn’t work).
    The green sensor is solid & the red sensor is blinking )

  5. Opened door with remote, but could not close it with remote. Used wall button to close but had to hold button down til door closed, or the door reversed direction. Changed battery, but did not help. Put old battery back in, and door opened but did not close with remote again.

  6. Tried to reprogram my new car to opener and deleted previous set ones in the car, however, it deleted all remotes, wall mount and wireless. My husband reprogrammed wireless, and 1 remote and wall mount were all working last night. This morning, light on opener but door did not open. I pulled emergency cord and reattached, door opened once but started to go down but did not (only part way). ???

  7. I installed my genie opener a couple weeks ago and it worked fine. Now the red light inside of power head stays on all the time. What did I do wrong

  8. Door will not close using wall switch or remote. Red sensor light is blinking. Replaced both sensors but red light still blinks. Door still will open but not close.

  9. Door will not close using wall switch or remote. Red sensor light is blinking. Replaced both sensors but red light still blinks. Door still will open but not close. So, what is wrong or how do I fix it then?

  10. The lights on the opener turn on after the site-lock switch is set on “vacation mode”. Sometimes the light turns on right away and sometimes not until later, maybe 10+ minutes later. Unit is less than 10 years old.

  11. Problem:
    All of a sudden, all the remotes open only one garage door…………………….the side that is full of stuff. It no longer works for the clear side of the garage. I have noticed that , sometimes
    someone will be driving down the street and that door opens!
    What’s going on?

  12. I have a Genie Promax chain glide garage door opener. I had to use the pull release yesterday because we had a power failure last night at I had to get into the garage. This morning I went to open my garage door using the key pad and I should”nt have I should of manually lifted the door and connected the door to the travel guide. My problem is the door travel guide went completely back to the garage door unit and I can’t get the motor to reverse and let the door come down, can you give me some advise.


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