Chamberlain RJO70 Next Gen Review

Gone are the days when you’d sit through the noisy steel-chain-enforced opener to operate your garage door. If you haven’t shopped for a garage opener lately, let us tell you that manufacturers have made much advancement in garage opener units.

Garage doors are safer to operate, easier to install and run more quietly than in the past.

Every homeowner wishes for a reliable, quiet garage door opener without the need to replace it every few years. Chamberlain Group fulfills that for you. It’s the most sought-after garage opener manufacturer that assures to provide a complete garage opener.

One of the recent garage openers from Chamberlain is RJO70 Next-Gen Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener. It’s called Next Generation garage opener because it succeeds each of the previous Chamberlain Group Garage Opener units in terms of noise elimination, sleek and small design, smooth performance, intelligent features, Wi-Fi connectivity, and superior range.

Unlike other Chamberlain’s garage opener units, RJO70 mounts on tight spaces in the wall keeping the ceiling clear for extra storage. It also eliminates the need for ample trolley space that is common in most other garage openers.

It’s sure to vamp up your garage door security and accessibility. However, let’s look at what Chamberlain Group offers to homeowners and its limitations before jumping on any decision.

What is unique about Chamberlain RJO70 Garage Opener?

If you’re looking for something convenient, easy to use, and durable, your safe bet is the Chamberlain RJO70 next-gen garage door opener. It’s packed with advanced safety features and compact size; it also offers built-in Wi-Fi and a MyQ App control system for ease of use.

One of the outstanding features of RJO70 is that it fits almost everywhere. If you have a garage with a low ceiling, then you needn’t worry. Its compact size can easily fit on the wall and removes the need to install a heavy trolley.

It comes in handy when your ceiling space is already covered with items like light fixtures and a ceiling fan with the least additional storage.

You must be wondering; these features are standard with most garage openers, so why do I need to buy Chamberlain RJO70? While basic features are standard with almost every other garage opener, Chamberlain RJO70 stands out for its sleek and compact design.

Garage opener manufacturers haven’t always addressed this issue. Not every homeowner has ample Ceiling Drive space to install a garage motor, bracket, and trolley. RJO70 efficiently prevents this problem by offering a wall-mount design with built-in Wi-FI.

Thanks to its smooth and quiet direct-drive technology, you can now sit through the entire door operation without worrying about noise and vibration. The built-in Wifi feature provides door access from any place. You can smoothly monitor and operate the door using the myQ app on your smartphone.

It’s also a California SB-969 law complaint that requires standard garage opener units to have a battery backup for emergency uses. The automatic garage door lock deadbolt keeps your garage secure after every time you open and close it.

Chamberlain Group RJO70 is compatible with all types of garages, weather conditions, and garage sizes.

You can get one for less than $499 (Check for other prices on Amazon). If this price sounds a bit expensive, you can consider buying other garage openers from Chamberlain Group, which offers somewhat similar features without a sleek wall-mount design.

Chamberlain RJO70 Next Gen Features

Chamberlain RJO70 packs many great features.

1. Wall-Mount Design

One of the outstanding features of Chamberlain RJO70 is that it’s a wall mount design. It frees up ceiling space and overheard clutters. If your ceiling already has items such as ceiling fans and lights, this product will become very useful.

You can install it in any compact versatile living space in your garage without worrying about installing a large trolley to hold the typical garage opener motor in place.

2. Smooth and quiet operation of Garage

The direct-drive system virtually eliminates noise and vibration into living room space. The – Smart quiet mount garage door opener designed with an anti-vibration feature ensures zero noise or vibration when operating. It’s well suited for attached garages.

3. Automatic Garage Door Lock

This garage opener comes fitted with a deadbolt lock that automatically locks when the door is closed. This comes in handy when you forget to properly lock the garage door while going out for a holiday. This ensures complete security and prevents unauthorized access.

4. Smart Home Control System

The garage opener is compatible with the myQ app that makes it a smart home control system. The built-in Wifi enables you to access your garage door from virtually any place.

You can set up real-time alerts and sound signals to notify you whenever there’s an activity with the garage door. The ‘Family Share’ feature allows you to invite up to 3 guests to view and activate your garage opener. It’s Security+ 2.0 Tri-Band compatible.

Home Connectivity with myQ app features

  • Easily Connect: Easily connect to a home network with built-in Wifi.
  • Receive Alerts: Receive alerts and open or close your garage door on your smartphone.
  • Schedule to close: Set a recurring schedule to close your garage door or turn your lights on/off.
  • Sync: Syncs with popular smart devices and platforms (Android, iOS, Windows).

Ultra-Bright MyQ LED Light

Chamberlain RJO70 features myQ LED light with 1500 lumens that offer 50% more brightness than most standards LED lights. This ensures that your garage is always adequately lit when you walk inside. It’s programmable to work at different commands using the myQ light feature in the myQ app.

Improved Security System

Chamberlain RJO70 offers added security through myQ app real-time notifications, sound alerts, and durable safety sensors along with deadbolt lock technology.

Battery Backup

Chamberlain garage door opener features a quiet DC motor with built-in battery backup for emergency uses, such as during power outages. It meets California SB-969 law that requires every garage opener to have a battery backup for emergency uses.

Additional Description

  • This garage opener is ideal for operating standard section doors up to 14-feet high and 18-feet wide. It can lift heavy doors weighing up to 650-lb, including steel, aluminum, and wooden garage doors.
  • To install this garage opener, you’ll need 8.5-in of additional space between your side garage wall and the end of the torsion bar.
  • The garage opener features a thick plastic cover at the front, but the complete unit is made from reinforced steel.

Pros of Chamberlain RJO70 Next Gen

  • The wall-mount garage door opener saves ceiling space and frees up overhead clutter that can be useful as storage for Kayaks or valuable storage space.
  • Comes with a built-in automatic garage door lock with deadbolts for added security.
  • Battery backup system that complies with California SB-969 law.
  • Like the belt drive garage door opener, the direct-drive system ensures smooth operation in any weather condition.
  • The built-in Wifi system provides remote access to the garage opener and MyQ App connectivity for unaltered access to the garage opener features.
  • Sleek and elegant design that matches any garage interior.
  • Ultra-bright LED lighting system with 1500 lumens brightens your garage 50% more than standard LED lights.
  • It includes the Amazon Drop-in packaging feature.

Cons of Chamberlain RJO70 Next Gen

  • Slightly pricier than other garage openers with somewhat similar features.
  • Doesn’t include any Home kit feature.
  • Doesn’t feature an Ethernet port.
  • It’s more appropriate for sectional garage doors.

Final Verdict

Talking about the manufacturer warranty, Chamberlain Group offers a one-year limited warranty on accessories, a lifetime warranty on the motor items, and a five-year limited warranty on Chamberlain garage door & gate opener parts. It also features a soft start and stops button.

The chamberlain RJO70 garage door opener doesn’t miss elegance and aesthetics. It’s packed with many great features in such a compact design.

The wall mount garage door opener makes the installation process more accessible and helps to save overhead space. Further, the ultra-quiet DC motor and direct-drive garage openers offer noiseless operation at all times.

If you’re willing to spend more than $400 on a new garage opener, this will be your safest bet.

It currently has 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon and 4.3-star product ratings on the manufacturer’s website.

If trending price is your concern, you can look for other affordable options from Chamberlain Group and LiftMaster’s superior range of garage openers with similar features.

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