Chamberlain RJO70 Next Gen Review

Gone are the days when you’d sit through the noisy steel-chain-enforced opener to operate your garage door. If you haven’t shopped for a garage opener lately, let us tell you that manufacturers have made much advancement in garage opener units. Garage doors are safer to operate, easier to install and run more quietly than in … Read more

Chamberlain B6765 Review

A garage door opener that opens and closes the door is an outdated concept. If you think opening and closing a garage door is a good exercise, you’re mistaken. Imagine driving home in the middle of a storm, realizing as you pull into the driveway that you must step out in the rain to open … Read more

What is roll up garage door?

While most homeowners choose garage doors based on their budget, others take door type choice that offers heightened security, durability and saves space. You use a garage door multiple times every day; hence it’s vital to install a garage door that can last long with the slightest wear and tear. This is where the Roll-up … Read more

How to Install Roll Up Garage Door?

Many homeowners wonder if they can install the roll-up garage doors by themselves. Yes, anyone who has above-average mechanical skills can install the tricky roll-up doors. If you’re able to follow detailed yet easy-to-read instructions and have handy tools at home, you can install a roll-up garage door and save almost $500 or more on … Read more