Chamberlain B6765 Review

A garage door opener that opens and closes the door is an outdated concept. If you think opening and closing a garage door is a good exercise, you’re mistaken. Imagine driving home in the middle of a storm, realizing as you pull into the driveway that you must step out in the rain to open the garage door. It’s a bummer.

You complete door openers that don’t only operate doors but also provide security, surveillance, and constant remote monitoring features, better known as the smart garage.

One of the latest smart door openers is Chamberlain B6765 Secure View Garage Opener from Chamberlain Group that easily stands out for its maximum durability, modern features, and smart capabilities.

For homeowners wanting a smart garage door opener, this is a perfect choice! But if you find it a hassle to integrate garage opener with smart devices and home security systems, including occasional troubleshooting for technical glitches, you should look for something simpler!

Chamberlain’s SECURE VIEW garage door opener with an integrated smart camera adds a smart touch and security to your garage unit. It’s compatible with the myQ app, so you can remotely control and monitor your garage door.

Moreover, the controlled ultra-quiet operation, 24/7 monitoring 360-degree real-time surveillance camera, superior remote range of 1,500 feet, and 100 billion code encryption features make it one of the most reliable garage door openers today.

What is unique about Chamberlain B6765?

Not all systems are created equal. Rightfully so, many garage opener experts point out that Chamberlain lasts longer and offers one of the best services in operating the heaviest garage doors. In comparison, only Craftsman, BeamUp, and LiftMaster brands of garage openers can match the strength and features offered by the Chamberlain garage opener unit.

It’s a belt drive garage door opener, unlike a chain-drive model, which keeps the noise minimum. Homeowners with attached garages using a chain-drive system will relate to this.

Along with a smooth performance, it offers Wi-Fi connectivity, smart integration with myQ app and Google home security system, a wide remote range (up to 1500-ft), and an unusual Amazon Drop-in feature to pick up your package inside the home.

While LED lighting, rolling code technology, and battery backup are standard with Chamberlain, it goes a step ahead and offers dynamic features like motion detection, 360-degree HD surveillance recording, a two-way audio-communication system, and remote access through voice AI Google Assistant.

If you’re a buyer who looks for different color choices, Chamberlain is a bit let down. The smart view garage opener only offers the color Blue.

Weighing a mere 38 pounds, it can easily fit any garage ceiling. Garages with brackets fit in can install the new unit within half an hour. You can rely on both wall keypad and wireless two 3-button remote to access the door in any weather.

For the price of one, you will get a complete garage unit. If you’re willing to spend slightly more, Chamberlain Secure View will be your best bet.

Talking about warranty, Chamberlain offers a five-year limited warranty on parts, a lifetime warranty for motor and drive, and a one-year limited warranty on camera and accessories.

Chamberlain B6765 Features

“A smart garage opener is what a smart garage opener does.”

Here are some of the salient product details of the Chamberlain Smart View garage opener.

Built-in camera

Unlike traditional garage openers, the Chamberlain garage door opener features a built-in motion-activated 1080P/HD camera to stream live and recorded video from your garage right to your device.  A myQ Video Storage Subscription allows you to record and save videos for up to 7 or 30 days.

It enables you to keep an eye on your garage even when you’re away from home. It also comes equipped with glare resistant night-vision lens that auto-adjusts for optimal clarity in the dark.

You can manually adjust the 360° feature for added security that makes it a complete surveillance garage opener. You’d need a yearly subscription service to view recorded videos.

Smartphone control

Monitor and control your garage remotely from anywhere with built-in Wi-Fi and the myQ App. myQ smartphone app gives you the ability to control your garage; open and close it from anywhere using a remote control, and monitor the usage; receive live alerts, motion detection, and live garage feed.

You can also share access to up to three people to control your Wi-Fi garage door openers with the myQ garage Guest feature.

LED Light

It features a built-in 3,100 lumens of LED lighting to brighten your entire garage while using the least amount of energy -only 36 input watts. The light arrays are strategically positioned for maximum coverage.

While it offers Corner-to-Corner lighting enough for a single-door garage, you can add additional lights to brighten your double garage door unit. LEDs last up to 30,000 hours, virtually the life of the opener).

Ultra-Quiet and Strong Belt Drive

It features a belt-drive garage door opener reinforced with steel for added strength. It can easily lift heavier doors, including heavier garage doors, with a max lifting power equivalent to 1-1/4 HP*.

The silent drive, lift power feature keeps the operation silent for attached garage units. It’s constructed with high-grade materials to keep it lasting for years with minimum maintenance requirements.

The safety sensor eyes prevent the door panels of the garage from collapsing on objects.

Battery Backup

Chamberlain garage door opener features a quiet DC motor with built-in battery backup for emergency uses, such as during power outages.

It meets California SB-969 law that requires every garage opener to have a battery backup for emergency uses.

Key by Amazon

Amazon Smart Garage/Prime members can select secure in-garage delivery for all their packages backed by the Key by Amazon Happiness Guarantee to protect their packages from rain, wind, and dust. Check for your delivery location eligibility.

2-way Audio

The integrated camera garage features a built-in audio system to communicate in two ways. You can conduct a live conversation between your garage and your smartphone at any time with working Wi-Fi.


You can easily integrate it with your home security system. Access your garage opener with IFTTT & Google Assistant.

  • The wireless keypad with +2.0 encryption features 100 billion unique codes to protect against hacking. The Posi-lock anti-theft protection assures that nobody can forcibly open your garage door.
  • Models include two 3-buttons TriBand frequency remote that offers a superior range of up to 1,500 feet. You can open your garage door before you get your home.
  • Models come with a motion-detecting smart control panel with a motion sensor that easily integrates with your remote control, keypad, or myQ control panel.
  • It’s also compatible with the Ring app, but you should use Home Bridge Product to integrate it into Apple Home Kit.

Pros of Chamberlain B6765

  • Chamberlain B6765 is easy to install, which takes about half an hour if you already have the brackets in place.
  • Ultra-quiet & strong. It works uniformly in any weather condition.
  • Offers a glare-resistant night vision lens with auto-adjust to detect all kinds of motion in the pitch dark.
  • The belt-drive garage door opener keeps the noise to a minimum. It’s a great addition to garage units attached to the home.
  • The Amazon Drop-in is a great feature to have your package delivered safely inside your home.

Cons of Chamberlain B6765

  • One of the most significant drawbacks of Chamberlain garage door openers is that homeowners must subscribe to access recorded video clips with an additional fee of $60/year.
  • Few customers complained about myQ integration where the network would intermittently drop off and then come back a few days later.
  • It integrates with Google Assistant but remains incompatible with Alexa.
  • It’s slightly expensive compared to similar garage units from Craftsman and LiftMaster.

Final Verdict

You can get one for less than $370, and it comes built-in with magnificent security and remote features that you shouldn’t let go of for anything cheaper. No doubt that it’s priced slightly higher than other smart garage units, but you also get a lot of different features that come in handy in most situations.

It has 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon and a 4.9-star rating on the manufacturer’s website.

If price is your concern, you can look for other affordable options from Chamberlain Group’s superior range of garage openers.

As mentioned before, if you aren’t up for occasional technical troubleshooting, you might find the Chamberlain garage door opener a difficult choice!

Overall, it’s a great garage opener unit that seamlessly integrates with your garage décor and brings lots of unmatchable smart features at a reasonable price.

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  1. I found it very misleading when ALL of the myQ features are mentioned everywhere, but NOT the “must have” hub & sensor that are NOT included in the package of this specific model, and must be purchased SEPARATELY. Even the myQ ap installation pre-requisites didn’t mention them & live support people ignored them in the 1st shot & was rather rude (hung-up without announcing). Thus their main attraction is the secure camera is USELESS without the kit (hub & sensor), I’d named this a cheap/low-balled “bait & switch” by such a renown manufacturer, and suggest anyone reading this post to do in-depth research before buying this (rather expensive) opener.
    In all: a true disappointment. Next time I’d buy either Liftmaster or some other brands!!!


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