How to Get Rid of Garage Infestation

Pests in the garage are quite a common problem; however, the infestation can be a nightmare for garage owners. The cozy spaces between the furniture, boxes, and racks provide a perfect haven for bugs and rodents to thrive. It’s likely to find cockroach eggs, bugs, and spider webs in the nook and crannies of your … Read more

Toolkits to Have in Your Garage

Everyone needs a good set of essential tools in their garage. Such tools could potentially save you hundreds of dollars as tools in fixing a car can be used in fixing many home appliances, too, including a faulty garage door. Car Repair Mechanics suggests keeping essential repair tools can save you a boatload of money and … Read more

Genie Garage Door Openers Problems

genie garage door opener wireless keypad

Genie garage door opener is known for its convenient and easy-to-use garage door openers. The integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in LED lighting, and optional battery backup provide a durable garage door opener option for all kinds of garages. The trademark ALADDIN CONNECT offers a smart control option that lets you remotely monitor and control your garage … Read more