Top 10 Amazon Key Compatible Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are changing, and they are changing for good. Manufacturers have been designing garage openers for customers’ ease. Today, homeowners can choose to get their packages safely delivered inside their homes thanks to the ‘smart delivery’ key by Amazon Smart Garage Kit. Amazon allows its Prime members to subscribe to in-garage Amazon delivery … Read more

Best Wall Mount Range Hood

Wall Mounted Range Hood, also known as a chimney hood, can be attached to any kitchen to effectively remove smoke, fume, and smell from the air. These are great for pollutant extraction and preferred for big kitchens. The elegant design of the wall mount range hood adds to the aesthetics of the kitchen. However, if … Read more

Best Light Bulbs for Garage

Are you frustrated by the lack of lighting in your garage? If you still have to look carefully before picking up things inside the garage, you should know that your garage isn’t lit well enough. Yet most garages tend to be poorly lit, making them difficult to navigate, causing eyestrain and sometimes injuries. Did you … Read more

22 Best Garage Lighting Ideas

Bay Lights

When you have to squint your eyes to inspect things inside the garage, you should know that your garage is poorly lit. Most homeowners don’t keep in mind allowing maximum sunlight to enter the enclosed space while designing their garage; hence they must add extra lights to illuminate their garages. A poorly lit garage isn’t … Read more