22 Best Garage Lighting Ideas

Bay Lights

When you have to squint your eyes to inspect things inside the garage, you should know that your garage is poorly lit. Most homeowners don’t keep in mind allowing maximum sunlight to enter the enclosed space while designing their garage; hence they must add extra lights to illuminate their garages. A poorly lit garage isn’t … Read more

Best Garage Door Keypads

best garage door keypad

Garage Door Keypads are a safe and convenient option to open and close garage doors. Gone are the days when you’d manually open the garage door. Today, almost every garage door is fitted with a keypad, either numeric keypad or wireless. You can press the button on the keypad mounted to the wall near the … Read more

5 Best Light Bulbs For Garage Door Opener

best bulb for garage door opener

The type of light bulb you use on your garage door opener is very important. This is because these bulbs help in ensuring that your garage door receives enough light all the time. So finding the best quality is of great importance. Best light bulbs are mostly made with a unique design that normally shields the … Read more