Wall Mount Drive Garage Door Opener

Overhead garage door openers have been around for ages. It’s about time someone came up with a unique product that takes less space than the overhead door opener design while offering the same output.

Wall-mount garage door opener is one of the unique garage door openers that perfectly and easily fit on your garage wall. The ergonomic-design frees up ceiling space in your garage and reduces unnecessary noise and vibration.

Let’s talk more about the wall mount garage door opener, its pros and cons, and how it fares against overhead garage door openers.

What is Wall Mount Drive Technology?

The Wall-Mounted Garage Door Openers are designed to be mounted discretely on the wall next to the garage door. With a wall mount design, you need not worry about the clustered space overhead because it’s designed for convenience.

A wall-mounted design is the ultimate solution to garages with minimal overhead space. As the name suggests, a wall-mounted garage door opener is installed on the wall; hence, you can completely free up the overhead area. Moreover, DC motor operators make it the quietest garage door opener.

Jackshaft garage door opener is the best example of wall mount drive technology. The increase in popularity has made it one of the most used modern garage door openers. Unlike overhead door openers that use motor, screw, or chains, wall-mount door opener grabs to the garage door’s torsion bar to either lift it open.

Compared to the traditional door openers, a wall-mount garage door opener is a little pricey. Still, it’s worth considering because it works with all types of garage and garage doors with minimal noise and vibration.

How does the wall mount drive door work?

Wall mount openers are connected to the garage door’s torsion bar to open or close the door. The DC motor can offer enough torque to lift even the heaviest garage doors; hence, it’s perfect for full vertical lift, standard lift, and high-lift doors.

For residential garages, it can work on large garage doors that reach up to 14-ft high. It works similar to the trolley operators and offers similar installation processes, long lifespan, and heavy-duty performance. The smoother operation helps keep it free from noise and vibration, a must for residences with attached garages.

Advantages of Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

The wall mount garage door openers can easily be synced with a smartphone app that allows remote access to the garage door opener.

Free Ceiling Space -Overhead garage doors take up significant ceiling space, at least 48 inches. Not many homes can accommodate these size requirements. Wall mount openers easily install to the side of your garage door and free up the ceiling space that you can use for alternative purposes.

Virtually Silent -The DC motor and belt-drive openers used in the wall mount design help keep it virtually silent. With no metal-to-metal contact, your garage door openers will function noiselessly at all times.

Improved security –It doesn’t include a release cord that you can pull to detach the door from the opener in emergencies. Although convenient, burglars can misuse this safety feature to access unauthorized entry into your garage. Wall-mount technology doesn’t have this feature.

Better safety –Wall mount door openers enjoy reversal systems and safety sensors that stop the door from closing on obstructions.

Disadvantages of Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

Costly -Yes, wall mount garage door openers cost more than overhead garage door openers.

Space limitation -If you only have limited space on your garage door side, wall mount the garage door opener is not for you.

Best for which type of garage

The wall mount garage door opener is best for garages with minimal overhead space, cathedral, and sloped ceilings, or limited depth. The wall mount design utilizes a belt system to lift the garage door torso’s rod, requiring minimum space to operate.

It’s also perfect for attached garages because it doesn’t produce any noise or vibration. If money isn’t an issue for you, you can go ahead with installing a wall mount door opener in your garage.

Final Verdict

Consider your budget, maintenance expectations, available garage space, door size, and weight to find the right garage door opener. If you want to eliminate using overhead space for your garage door opener, then a wall mount drive garage door opener is your solution.

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