Smart Garage Door Opener

What if you could open an app on your smartphone and open or close your garage door from any place? What if you could ask the voice control (Google Assistant) to operate the garage door or change the security password through your phone?

These are some of the questions that are answered by a smart garage door opener. A smart garage door opener is accessed from anyplace through your smartphone. All you need is working internet and a device.

Many homeowners wonder why they need a smart garage door opener when they can already access their garage door remotely. What purpose does it serve? The smart garage door opener operates the garage door and offers features, including garage door security, in a single app with an internet connection.

What is Smart Garage Door Opener?

Smart garage door openers work like any other conventional garage door opener but with a huge exception. You can control the entire garage door operation and security functions with an application in your smartphone that is only available to you.

Unlike remote garage doors, a smart garage door controller connects to the Wi-Fi and is accessed through a digital device. You can operate your garage door, monitor garage door status, usage, and change its safety features through a smartphone app.

Let’s say that it’s an upgrade of your garage door to smart home devices. Like a smart camera, smart locks, and smart doorbells, you now have a smart garage door.

Convenience is the key to using a smart garage door opener. Once installed and enabled, you need not worry about losing your garage door remote, running out of batteries, or manually updating the security features. As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection and your digital device, you can access your garage door from anywhere.

Imagine going on a holiday, and you realize that you forgot to close the garage door. Will you prefer going all the way back to close the door, or would you safely close the door from miles away through a smartphone?

How does a smart garage door operate?

Smart garage door relies on the conventional garage door opener technology to operate any garage door. The garage door is linked to your device through a smart-controller fixed in your garage door. It receives and follows the command made through the related app. The entire ecosystem runs through Wi-Fi or the internet. It enables you to access your garage door from any place with working internet.

You can open or close the door and manage security features, check its usage, monitor its performance, and more.

Advantages of using Smart Garage Door Opener


Convenience is the most apparent advantage of using a smart garage door opener. Once you install and enable the smart garage door opener, you never have to worry about losing your garage door remote, running out of remote-controller batteries, or manually fixing the security features. With a Wi-Fi connection, you can do all of these through your digital device.

Home security

The smart garage door is the addition of home security. Many homeowners are switching from conventional home security to smart security to monitor and manage home appliances and access through a smartphone.

With a smart garage door opener, you can access, monitor, and manage your garage door from any place. It also alerts you if someone is trying to gain unauthorized access.

No more waiting

You need not have spent time waiting outside for the garage door to open with a smart device. As soon as you get home, you can drive right in. The same goes with going out.

Remote access

You can access your door remotely from any place in real-time. If you are at work or on holiday and remember that you forgot to close the garage door, you can close it right away using your smartphone.

Disadvantages of using Smart Garage Door Opener

There aren’t many disadvantages to using a smart garage door opener. However, you must be wary about one thing.

Wi-Fi Connection

Smart garage door opener connects to your app through working Wi-Fi. It doesn’t work with a Bluetooth connection or 2G/3g and 4G; hence you will need the home Wi-Fi connection at all times to access the garage door. If your Wi-Fi stops working, there is no way you can access your garage door.

Best for which type of garage

The smart garage door opener is suitable for all types of residential garages and LiftMaster garage doors. It works well with different brands of garage door openers; a jackshaft garage door opener, screw-drive, belt-drive, and chain-drive technology.

Final Verdict

A smart garage opener is a must for all variety of garages. Consider upgrading your garage door opener for good.

Before buying the new smart garage hub, check if your garage door opener is aging or needs replacement. For an older garage door opener, you often need to install a full smart system. For the reasonably new garage door opener, you can install the add-on.


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