How to Install a Garage Door Opener?

Ever thought of installing a garage door opener yourself? Sounds strange. This is due to the complexity associated with installing them and the risk that revolves around it. Also, the fact that many people lack information and know-how on how to undertake the process.

However, with the advancing technology, garage door openers have been designed in a way that you can install them yourself without necessarily employing someone. Technology has enabled the introduction of tools and methods which enable you to do the job perfectly.

Although it is a bit technical, with the help of these guidelines, garage door openers are not only possible but also easy to install. This saves you money and gives you a chance of using a system that you understand.

Things to know

  • It is important to know why you need a garage door opener installation
  • The garage door opener generally do not do much of the lifting
  • It is necessary to understand all the types of garage door openers available in the market
  • Understanding all the convenient features available on the modern garage door openers will help you find the best openers
  • Garage door opener installation should be actually be approached with a lot of caution

1st Step

Start by assessing the garage door. You can do this by checking to see that the garage door is compatible with the garage door opener. Some garage door openers are designed for specific garage doors. Make certain that you are well versed with your garage door.

Choose the garage door opener that best suits your purpose. While there are so many brands of garage door openers in the market today, there are majorly two types of openers. Chain and belt-driven.

Although their operation is roughly the same, they are different especially when the noise factor is considered. Belt-driven door openers tend to be quieter as compared to chain-driven door openers.

2nd Step

The next step is to prepare the garage door for installation. This is done by repairing the garage door and ensuring that it is well lubricated. After this, remove all the locks that might have been installed earlier.

Also, remove all ropes if any and anything else that is not part of the door. Ensure that the garage door is repaired such that no weight will be supported by the opener as this will damage.

3rd Step

Check to see there is an electrical plug around. If there is no electrical plugging around, ensure that one is installed around. Where wiring is not done, it should be done at this point since the garage door will require it.

Note: wiring should be done by a professional electrician to ensure that there are no accidents such as electric shock. If you can do it by yourself, ensure that the electricity is switched off from the main meter.

4th Step

Installing the garage door opener is the next step. Ensure you have all the parts of the opener.

Now that you are fully prepared, check to see that all the parts were delivered to you as listed. If any of the parts of the opener is missing, contact your supplier so that the necessary arrangements are made.

Assemble the main part. The first thing is putting the rail together. The rail comes in different parts which are very easy to put together. Actually, they should fit in easily.

Slide the trolley on the rail and then attach it to the motor compartment. In the end, this will be the largest part of the device and it should be positioned on the farthest end.

Put the pulley. The pulley is usually put at the end of the rail. After this, put in the belt or the chain (depending on the type that you purchased) into the rail. Attach the end of the belt or the chain to the carriage using the provided screws.

5th Step

Install blocking and attach bracket. At this point, follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. However, when installing the blocking, ensure that it is done on solid wood for safety purposes.

Attach the bracket following the manufacturer’s instructions. Where the specifications are missing, it is important that you consult them so that you are instructed accordingly.

6th Step

Attach the assembly and put it to place. At the end of the assembly, attach the bracket to it. Ensure that you only attach the bracket that was purchased with the specific opener.

After this, put the power unit. The power unit should be at a considerable height so that it is not run over. Ascribe the bracket to the garage. Use the two pieces to ascribe the door opener to the door. This will ensure flexibility.

Installing Other features

Step 1: On the emergency release, attach the safety rope as in the manual. This should be at a considerable height so that all people but children reach it.

Step 2: Where the garage opener allows for the lighting system, insert the bulb. Check to see that you put the bulb of the right power. (Watts)

Step 3: Adjust the safety reverse system. The electric eye should be installed properly and set to ensure that it can detect motion reliably.

Step 4: Test to see that it is working properly. It is important to note that some garage door openers are noisy in nature. This does not necessarily mean that it is not working properly.

Final verdict

While installing a garage door opener may seem complex, with the guidelines from experts it is a cinch. However, all the safety precautions should be taken to ensure that there are no accidents.

Most of the devices are shipped to you with manuals with detailed instructions and precautions.

These should be followed strictly to avoid damage. Information availed on the internet by the manufacturer on how to install specific devices should be strongly considered.

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