Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

When designing a garage door, you’d need to be mindful about installing the garage door opener. What type of opener to choose will entirely depend on your garage type (attached or non-attach), weight and material of the garage door, and budget.

If you’re familiar with different garage door openers, you’d agree that chain drive technology is one of the most reliable options. A chain drive garage door opener can easily operate heavy doors. It’s also one of the most affordable garage door opening systems in the market.

What is Chain Drive Technology?

Chain drive technology is the most common type of garage door opener. Most homeowners around the country have installed chain drive garage opener because it’s affordable and lasts long.

A chain drive relies on a strong metal chain to operate the garage door. The mechanism is much similar to a chained bicycle where you paddle to push forward. However, chain drive technology does more than that. It can push the door down and pull the door open while maintaining the highest amount of safety.

Although many former chain drive garage door opener owners would complain that the chain requires adjusting, this only needs to be done once or twice during the lifetime of a chain drive opener.

Because of its ergonomic design and basic parts: Employing chain drive technology in your garage costs much less than most modern drive technology systems. It also lasts longer if looked after regularly.

To make your garage door extra safe, you should install electronic beams that extend across the door opening to prevent entrapment. The chain drive technology easily reverses the garage door panels when it notices any object or person.

How does the chain drive garage opener work?

The chain-drive technology relies on a metal chain, drive trolley, sprocket, and holders to operate any garage door.

The most important part, i.e., chain-belt, is typically made of sturdy metal, alloy steel. The chain and sprockets are selected based on the torque to be transmitted.

When a single chain is used, it is called a single strand, while three chains are called a triplex strand. Choosing the type of chain will depend on the torque required to pull any garage door.

When operated, this system utilizes pulling or pushing the chain. The chain runs along the rail and wraps around a sprocket at one end and to a driving trolley in another. You can use a push-button or remote access to operate this type of electrical door opener. However, the sound produced by metal-to-metal contact can produce metal-clanking noise. This technology is best suited for a garage that isn’t attached to a home.

Advantages of Chain-Drive Garage Door

Using chain-drive technology comes with many great advantages. Some of the most highlighted advantages are as follows;

  • Installing a chain drive garage door opener takes less than an hour. Adjusting the chain is relatively easy and only takes 10 minutes.
  • Adjusting the chain can be done twice a year. Lubricate the door frequently to prevent wear and tear. A well-lubricated chain-drive produces slightly less sound.
  • This technology eliminates slip and creep and hence provides a constant speed ratio.
  • Chain drive door openers can easily lift the weight of wood garage doors and double garage doors.
  • The alloy steel used in making the chain and the sprocket are manufactured out of high-tensile steel, tempered, and case hardened, which tend to wear out at a slower rate.
  • They can easily be upgraded to a belt-drive system.
  • They can easily operate in garages that witnesses a lot of dirt, dust, and grease.
  • Chain-drive openers are less expensive; hence many garages opt for them.

Disadvantages of Chain-Drive Garage Door

Even a chain-drive technology has some disadvantages, but they aren’t as big as you think.

  • Chain-drive technology produces a lot of noise and vibration because of metal-to-metal contact.
  • It’s not suited for the attached garage, the garage attached to the home, or the garages adjoining the living room and bedroom.
  • Chain-drive openers aren’t as smooth as belt-drive system or screw drive system.
  • Garage doors on chain-drive systems typically bounce slightly as they move up the rail. You’d need to keep an eye on the chain rail to see if it’s well-adjusted.
  • Using a single chain doesn’t provide enough torque to lift the heavy doors such as wide garage doors and wooden doors; you’d need to install either duplex or triple-strand chain drive technology.

When to choose chain drive technology?

The chain-drive garage door opening system is perfect for the non-attached garages. If you don’t want the sound of chain-drive operating inside your house, you’d need to consider installing a different type of garage door opener.

It can operate any garage door type; hence, a chain-drive system is your answer if you have a heavy garage door.

Final Verdict

Chain-drive garage door openers have been around for ages. Most US households use chain-drive technology in their garage door because they’re affordable, reliable, and long-lasting.

If you can forgo the metal-clanking noise and slight vibration produced by the chain-drive engine, this system is the best garage door opener option for you.

It’s a modern garage door opening technology that works with all kinds of garage doors. It also meets the safety requirement for any modern garage door opener in the country.

Some highly-rated chain-drive garage door openers for your consideration.

  • Destiny® 1200 Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
  • Odyssey® 1000 Chain Drive Garage Opener
  • Legacy® 920 Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
  • Legacy® 650 Chain Garage Door Opener


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