Garage Gym Ideas

Many homeowners choose to turn their only garage into a makeshift gym. In recent years, manufacturers have started seeing a significant increase in the number of customers wanting to convert their garage into a whole or part gym. This is an excellent thing because you can quickly get ideas and tips to turn your garage … Read more

Garage Flooring Ideas

Garage Flooring-Ideas

A garage flooring takes a lot of foot and vehicle traffic daily, including significant abuse from stains, oil drips, water spills, and road salt around the year. Your garage floor will soon start experiencing cracks, rips, and color fades as time passes. To prevent this, you’d need to choose durable and sturdy garage flooring that … Read more

Garage Door Types, Which is Right For You?

Let’s face it, if you have a front-facing attached garage, the first thing people will notice is your garage door as they drive away. The aesthetic appeal is definitely on top of a garage door-buying list, but there are other significant factors that you must consider when buying a new garage door. One of them … Read more

Garage Door Automation vs Manual

The garage door is one of the most operated applications in any home. Whether you’re going out or coming in, you’d need to operate the garage door frequently in a day, and getting out of the car to open or close the garage door tends to be very hectic. Hence, garage door automation comes as a … Read more

Garage Design Ideas

A garage is nothing short of a freestanding unit, a place of infinite potential for great design ideas. The great thing about garages is that you can do pretty much anything with them. You can customize your garage to turn into anything. The most obvious application is using them for parking cars. Still, in reality, … Read more