Garage Door Automation vs Manual

The garage door is one of the most operated applications in any home. Whether you’re going out or coming in, you’d need to operate the garage door frequently in a day, and getting out of the car to open or close the garage door tends to be very hectic. Hence, garage door automation comes as a … Read more

Garage Design Ideas

A garage is nothing short of a freestanding unit, a place of infinite potential for great design ideas. The great thing about garages is that you can do pretty much anything with them. You can customize your garage to turn into anything. The most obvious application is using them for parking cars. Still, in reality, … Read more

Garage Ceiling Ideas

The ceiling often gets neglected when designing a new garage. You may find the ceiling that has exposed roof trusses or unpainted drywall. Not only does it affect your garage’s lighting, but it also compromises the temperature. Adding or redoing a garage ceiling not only gives a polished look but also increases the value of … Read more

Garage Cabinet Ideas

The garage is one of the most valuable parts of the home. Aside from parking, most homeowners use garages to store essential items. Whether storing vehicle tools, bicycles, garden tools, or seasonal items like holiday decorations, excellent garage storage allows you to place items without compromising the space and décor. If you’re a garage owner, … Read more

Best Wall Mount Range Hood

Wall Mounted Range Hood, also known as a chimney hood, can be attached to any kitchen to effectively remove smoke, fume, and smell from the air. These are great for pollutant extraction and preferred for big kitchens. The elegant design of the wall mount range hood adds to the aesthetics of the kitchen. However, if … Read more