What is roll up garage door?

While most homeowners choose garage doors based on their budget, others take door type choice that offers heightened security, durability and saves space.

You use a garage door multiple times every day; hence it’s vital to install a garage door that can last long with the slightest wear and tear. This is where the Roll-up garage door comes into the scene. This type of garage door offers maximum accessibility, saves space, and lasts for years. Because of their durability, roll-up doors are installed in both residential and commercial locations.

You must be careful when choosing a garage door type because each garage door type comes with benefits and limitations. The cost for installing a garage door may also differ depending on its type. According to Fixr.com, installing a single-panel door may cost anywhere from $400 -$1200, and installing a sectional/roll-up door may cost $750 – $3000.

Let’s talk more about the roll-up garage doors and their many benefits and limitations.

Roll up Garage Door

As the name suggests, Roll-up doors either roll up or down. These doors are best used in garages or backdoors to help save space. You can mostly find them in backyard sheds, mini-warehouses, storage facilities, and garages.

People often call it overhead doors because they roll overhead or along with the ceiling. The versatile and attractive design combined with ease of maintenance makes it one of the most sought-after garage door types.

There are mainly two types of roll-up doors:

Section roll-ups: Section roll-up consists of four distinct sections attached as a single panel

Rolling steel doors: Rolling steel door has a single panel of material


Many wonders if they can install a roll-up door made from anything other than steel. Yes! The roll-up door can be made from any durable material, including wooden doors, aluminum, and fiberglass.

The installation is often tedious and requires help from the garage door specialists; hence the cost of installing a roll-up garage door can run anywhere from $850 to $3,000, depending on the material used.

Looking at the overall usability, the roll-up door is known for its extreme durability, weather resistance, security against vandalism or breakage, and style that compliments any garage unit.

What are the benefits of installing Roll-up doors?

The roll-up door is the most durable form of garage door type. Other than durability, it offers many other benefits to the homeowner.

Space Saver

The roll-up door is a super space saver. Because the entire panel rolls up along the ceiling, it doesn’t require extra space for storage, unlike retractable garage doors. It opens vertically without swinging outwards; hence it’s useful for tight spaces.

For a garage with a low ceiling, the roll-up garage door is perfect. It completely removes the need for a runner across the ceiling, so it easily fits the ceiling.

Heightened security

Rollup garage doors take into account heightened security. It provides more security than sectional door designs. The industrial-strength steel and tight-fitting ensures no one can break in without a heavy tool. The steel roll-up door is fire resistant and less susceptible to changing weather.

Easy to use

Roll-up doors are designed to make them easy to lift and lower down. The door consists of advanced features like ratchet tension devices, radial ball bearings, head axles, track, door stops, and a torque tube assembly for automatic operation. Many roll-ups also come with magnetic stainless steel latches and door springs for the added safety.

Extremely Durable

Durability is the crucial benefit of roller garage doors. The reinforced metal unit can withstand storms, powerful winds, and rain. They’re fire-resistant and ensure to provide smooth operation day in and out. Roll-up doors last longer than traditional garage doors. You can opt for a garage door with insulation to reduce the transfer of both heat and noise.

It uses a low voltage DC motor that ensures to save energy.

Attractive Finish

You can finish roll-up in any variety of colors or garage door materials. Standard roll-up shades include white, cream, glossy white, silhouette gray, polar blue, buckskin, royal blue, desert tan, forest and fern green, continental brown, dark teal, cedar red, teal, tangerine, valentine red, sunset orange, and marine green. Make sure to use a special super durable polyester paint for added durability against corrosion.

Because of their intuitive design, roll-up complements any residential and commercial setting.

Easy maintenance

Rolling doors require the least amount of maintenance compared to traditional garage doors. You can choose to wash them seldom with water or use a power wash tool. Ensure to check if the side-railings are losing grease. You’d know this when your roll-up door starts making noise when opening or closing.

The Disadvantages of Installing Roll-up Doors

While the roll-up is guaranteed to upgrade your garage, there are some instances when it can become a problem.

Tricky Installation

The installation of a roll-up is tricky. As mentioned before, it takes more than one person to install the door. A roll-up door will take about twice as much headroom as a sectional door for a standard-size garage door.

Complicated Paint job

Roll-up requires the paint job before you can install them. Painting the door after installation can become a tricky and time-consuming affair. Manufacturers suggest homeowners choose the color while buying a new unit.

Insulation adds weight and cost

Adding insulation (double skin) on the roll-up door adds to its weight, making it a lot heavier than non-insulated doors. You’d need to install a durable DC motor to lift and close the door. Similarly, insulating the door costs 10% more than non-insulated ones.


The roll-up door is the most expensive garage door type. The buying and installation cost can efficiently run over $900. Similarly, choosing aluminum doors, steel garage doors, or fiberglass material adds to the overall cost. If you have a small budget, you can opt for a sectional garage door that provides similar features and benefits.

Things to Consider Before Installing Roll-up doors

Now that you have a general idea of the benefits and limitations of a roll-up garage door let’s talk about some essential decision-making factors when buying a roll-up door.


The roll-up door ensures top-notch performance for both residential and commercial garages. Choose the material that withstands wear and tear and heavy usage. Choose material that can withstand heavy usage, completing hundreds of thousands of cycles before wearing down.


Rolling doors require minimal space because they can easily attach to the ceiling storage space (vertical track), and in some cases, walls. Wall-attached rolling doors (horizontal track) are suitable for smaller garages. Depending on your need, you can choose for standard lift, a lift for high ceilings, a vertical lift, or a low-headroom lift for limited overhead spaces.


Cost is a significant determinant. Make a distinction between “cost-effective” and “cheap.” A cost-effective door provides durability and strength at a reasonable cost, while cheap doors can quickly wear down after a few uses. Choose door material, insulation, and paint that add to the life of your garage door.


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