Top 10 Door Screens for Garage

Garage Door Screen comes in handy when you wish to convert your plain-looking garage to a modest living space. You can install a fancy yet durable Garage Door Screen that acts as a barrier. Along with avoiding nuisances such as pests, critters, and small animals that can quickly enter an open garage, you’ll also avoid the onlooker’s gaze.

The light-weight feature of the door screen makes it a popular choice among garage owners. Now, you can quickly turn your garage space into something useful, such as a workspace, office, or gym. You can also turn it into a temporary place to host parties or family events.

You can choose from three different types of garage door cover.

  1. Roll-up screen Door: It’s the most preferred and affordable door screen. It works by rolling the screen either up.
  2. Retractable Screen Door: Also known as ‘Pull-down,’ you can either pull it up or down.
  3. Sliding Screen Door: Sliding screen door remains fixed in its place, but each panel slides to open or close.

10 Best Garage Door Screens

Here is the list of the top ten door screens for your consideration.

1. Andersen LuminAire Retractable Screen Door

LUMINAIRE® Retractable Screen Door from Andersen is the perfect choice for ventilation without changing your entryway’s look. You can install it in 3 simple steps, which take less than 30 minutes.

The quality screen door with reinforced aluminum mesh allows for natural light and airflow. It also comes with SlideAway® insect screen system that is designed to disappear when not in use.

You can choose from four different textures: white, black, sandstone, and bronze.

About this product

  • This door screen works excellent for entryways up to 36-in.
  • You can install it in steps in less than 30 minutes, requiring only essential tools and no cutting
  • SlideAway insect screen system disappears when not in use.
  • It offers a pretty controlled operation for smooth and reliable performance.
  • It comes with a convenient locking night latch to secure the door at night.
  • The reinforced corners add durability.
  • For single hinged inswing doors, not compatible with patio doors
  • Fits single inswing hinged doors: adjustable to fit opening widths 31-7/8 in. to 36-3/8 in
  • Fits double inswing hinged doors: adjustable to fit opening widths 68-in to 72-in.
  • LUMINAIRE offers a 5-year limited warranty on each product and comes at a reasonable price

2. Andersen 3000 Series Retractable Storm Door

Andersen 3000 Series from LUMINAIRE boasts a 1.5-inch aluminum full-view storm door with the traditional nickel surface that protects it from scratches and dirt. The pre-assembled door unit can be installed in less than 45 minutes with essential tools. You’d enjoy the on-hand retractable window screen designed for convenience.

The 3000 series also features easy to use Push-button closer to access the door hands-free.

About this product

  • The Andersen 3000 Series is a full-view retractable full-view storm door.
  • The one-hand retractable insect door will close automatically upon leaving.
  • It comes with double-layer weather-stripping at the top, bottom, and sides to provide additional weather-tight fit.
  • The Push-button closer will close and open the door with a simple nudge of your toe. A complete hands-free experience.
  • Choice of traditional nickel or modern handle set in a variety of finishes.
  • Enjoy a built-in keyed deadbolt lock for added security.
  • Fit opening width (Large): 80-in to 80 7/8-in
  • Fit opening width (Small): 29 7/8-in to 30 3/8-in
  • It’s protected by a limited lifetime warranty.

3. Larson Brisa Retractable Door Screen

Larson Brisa Retractable Screen Door for sliding (patio) doors offer a smooth, steady operation thanks to its ergonomic and intuitive function. You can boast a traditional door with a modern touch, and it also eliminates the in-the-way hassles of a traditional hinged screen door. It also features an innovative EZ glide system that provides a smooth experience.

About this product

  • The mesh fits inside a cassette on the right or left side of the screen door. You can pull it side-to-side across the entryway when needed or retract it into the screen cassette when not in use.
  • It takes less than 30-minutes of installation: The quick-snap track can be snapped into the cassette and adjusted for length without cutting.
  • It features aluminum housing and track for added strength and an aluminum sill plate with slide adjustment for a secure fit.
  • The rugged weather stripping keeps dirt and insects out.
  • The subtle stripes are woven into the screen prevent walk-through even when in the harshest sunlight.
  • Fits door opening 78″ to 79″ tall
  • Fits door opening 32″ to 36″ wide

4. Larson Aluminum Frame Retractable Screen

LARSON boasts of a 39-in x 81-in white aluminum retractable frame door that offers French doors elegance and style. The self-adjusting retractable door easily opens with a single touch of your finger. When not in use, the Inspire 100-pleated folds away into a side-mounted cassette. Enjoy a 5-year limited warranty on each LARSON product.

About this product

  • It boasts a white aluminum finish for added strength and durability.
  • The elegant pleated mesh provides a clear view of the outside.
  • The flat bottom guide provides wheelchair accessibility for a handicap-friendly entry.
  • You can easily custom fit it into multi-panel units up to 31.5-ft wide and 10-ft tall.)
  • It allows ventilation yet protects from insects and pests.
  • Choose from two colors; white and desert tan.
  • Enjoy a 5-year limited warranty.

5. MMI Door Inswing Retractable Double Door

Inswing Retractable Double Screen Door from MMI Door features two independent screen doors. You can choose to open one or both at a time. Let the fresh air breeze through your home. It also features a top and bottom track wool pile, a magnet-free locking mechanism, increased screen stability, and a monorail track design.

It also boasts independent screen locking in-slide tracks and a sleek handle design.

About this product

  • The attractive, architectural-grade white finish is designed to match any home design.
  • It offers an enhanced slide guide for smooth operation and stability (hook-and-loop material).
  • It comes with in-track Velcro that holds the door tight to keep insects and pests out.
  • It also offers independent screen slide locks in-slide steel tracks.
  • Choose from a variety of sizes: 82″ x 38″, 82″ x 74”, and 79 3/4″ x 72”.

6. Larson Brisa Tall Retractable Door

Brisa Retractable Screen Door from LARSON offers a smooth and steady screen operation thanks to its ergonomic design. The hinged screen door allows fresh air to circulate into your home without any difficulty. It also comes with an innovative EZ glide system that provides a smooth and steady experience. It takes less than 30 minutes to install the door.

About this product

  • It features a durable painted surface and rust-free aluminum finishes and garage door tracks.
  • The subtle Vinyl stripes are woven into the mesh provide visual cues to help prevent screen walk-through even in the harshest sunlight. Very much reliable for pet owners.
  • The symmetrical design and neutral color of the frame complement any home design.
  • The outer face-mount installation creates a whole opening for fresh air circulation, unobstructed view, and entire pass-through flexible space.
  • Choose from four different colors; black, white, sandstone, and brown.
  • Common size: 36-in x 96-in
  • Enjoy a limited lifetime warranty.

7. Snavely Forest Instant Door

Snavely Forest Instant Door from KIMBERLY BAY is a retractable door designed with a fine fiberglass-poly mesh for a lightweight feature. The weighted bottom keeps the door in its place while the Velcro strips enclose the door behind your back.

About this product

  • The retractable systems made from plastic keeps it lightweight (1.62lb).
  • It can easily fit a door measuring 80-in x 37-in.
  • it features a fine fiberglass-poly Vinyl mesh that keeps all kinds of pests and flies out while providing a full view of the outside.
  • It includes a Velcro strip or tension rod that automatically encloses the door.
  • It comes in black to match easily with the most facades and interiors.
  • A completely budget-friendly retractable system for homeowners.

8. IdeaWorks Instant Double Garage Door

IdeaWorks feature the instant double garage door, the perfect retractable doors for double-size doors. Made from sturdy nylon pleated fabric, it weighs less than 1.2 lbs. The well-ventilated mesh design allows fresh air to circulate into your garage while keeping pests and insects outside. As the name suggests, the instant door uses magnetic closure for a hands-free opening and closing of the door screen.

About this product

  • The instant double door lifestyle screens easily fit double garage door sizes. You can alternatively use it for the back porch, deck, and backyard.
  • The center opening magnetic closure allows entering and exiting the door screen without waiting for a long time.
  • It’s easy to install and store. You can install it in minutes using grommets and a simple hook and look tape. You can fold it and keep it in a box.

9. Liveinu Upgraded Magnetic Garage Door

The magnetic garage door from Liveinu comes in 10 different sizes, including the patio door, primary garage door, and double garage door. It also features three different frame color choices, Brown, Gray, and Black, that complements any home. The upgraded mesh curtain boasts of a higher thread count to effectively keep pests and bugs outside.

Product Info

  • It features a screen door sewed in magnetic solid points to open and close quickly.
  • The roll-around screen mesh has a dense grid of 0.08 inches to keep nasty flying objects strictly outside.
  • The high-density and strong antioxidant fiberglass screen materials are fireproof, tear-resistant, lightweight, and breathable.
  • The magnetic garage door offers an entirely hands-free operation.
  • It offers a small opening for pet entry.
  • It comes in custom sizes: 9 x 7-ft, 9 x 8-ft, 10 x 7-ft, 10 x 8-ft, 12 x 7-ft, 12 x 8-ft, 16 x 7-ft, 16 x 8-ft, 18 x 7-ft, and 18 x 8-ft.

10. Oiyeefo Garage Door

The retractable garage door from Oiyeefo Store features a 16 x 7-ft door screen with a self-sealing fiberglass mesh and magnetic closure. For now, it only comes in Black color. The ultra-durable fiberglass Vinyl mesh is 100% fireproof and corrosion-resistant and effectively keeps pests away.

Product Description

  • It’s made of ultra-durable fiberglass 18*6 meshes that are tear-proof, fireproof, transmitting, corrosion-resistant, and appealing.
  • It features thumbtacks and hooks and loops adhesive strips for extra security.
  • The extra push pins provided added security and strength to the lifestyle screens.
  • It features a directly walk-through door. Very reliable for pet keeper.
  • The extra gravity sticks in the bottom keep the entire screen in place even in high wind.
  • It provides easy access to pets and small children.

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