Sliding Garage Door Screens

You can quickly convert your garage into a modest space by installing a fancy yet durable Garage Door Screen. Among many different door screen types, a sliding garage door screen is one of the most popular choices.

Unlike other door screens, the sliding screen door remains affixed but can move sideways. It resembles the traditional doors of ‘Minka’ (Traditional Japanese Hut) that can easily slide sideways. Instead of bamboo wood, you’d be using metal frames attached to the door’s header frame to help roll sideways.

You can slide it open using your hand or use a remote controller for a hands-free experience.

It comes in a two-track or four-track system where it has either two-door pieces or four-door pieces. The four-door pieces door suit double-garage doors. Each track slides independently, making it one of the most viable door screen choices. However, the only downside with this cool-looking screen door is that it requires a lot of maintenance and cleanliness because the tracks installed on the floor can easily get exposed to dirt and dust.

Top 7 Sliding Garage Door Screens

Here is the list of the top seven sliding door screens from 2021 that you can easily find on Amazon.

1. Lockwish Sliding Screen Door

Lockwish sliding screen door features a heavy-duty, chemical corrosion-resistant screen for indoor and outdoor use. The 26 strong magnetic points provide the best seal and closure for a hands-free experience. The easy opening allows pets and kids to walk in and out without much difficulty. You can easily install the garage screen doors without any tools. It comes equipped with a hook and loop adhesive strip and reinforcement push pin for easy installation.

About this product


  • Lockwish sliding screen door features a sturdy adhesive strip with an extra push pin and 26 magnetic points for easy closing.
  • Enjoy a hands-free experience as you walk inside the screen door.
  • The sturdy garage screen door mesh made from high-temperature molding offers chemical corrosion resistance and protection from all kinds of harsh weather.
  • You can easily install it using the inbuilt hook and loop adhesive strip and reinforcement push pins.


2. Yotache Magnetic Garage Door Screen

The magnetic garage door screen from Yotache Store is perfectly suited for a double-sized garage measuring 16 x 7-ft. It comes specially fitted with fiberglass mesh with mosquito net curation to keep even the smallest pests away from your garage. It also boasts a special-raising design for easy access to vehicles. You can rely on the magnetic function to easily open and close the door screen completely hands-free.

About this product


  • The superior artistry offered by Yotache boasts double-sewed and thicker thread-stitched webbing for a more sturdy design.
  • The door screen is made from a durable, heavy-duty fiberglass screen that is both appealing and fireproof.
  • The door screen quickly shuts out insects like mosquitoes and flies while allowing fresh air and sunshine to circulate inside your garage.
  • It offers convenience to four-legged animals and small kids while entering and exiting the door screen with an easy exit.
  • The double magnets in the door design offer ease to hold and snap when needed.
  • The D-ring buckles on the bottom can hang to the hooks on the top of the garage screen curtain.
  • The door screen is more robust than most other similar door screens.
  • The magnetic system allows easy opening and closing of the door screen.


3. LXLTLB Magnetic Sliding Screen Door

The magnetic screen door from LXLTLB is a one-of-a-kind screen door that features a heavy-duty, breathable mesh curtain and a high-density fiberglass door screen. It comes in a variety of sizes suitable for different locations. You can use the sliding door for the garage, interior or exterior, patio, deck, porch, and balcony. The upgraded mesh offers a higher number of lines to protect from mosquitoes and dust and offers easy access to kids and pets.

About this product

  • It features multiple sizes for both indoor and outdoor use; 95*200cm, 95*205cm, 100*200cm, 100*210cm, 100*220cm, 110*210cm, 110*220cm, 120*220cm, and 130*220cm.
  • The fine net gauze with breathable mesh and high-density fiber offers complete protection from mosquitos and small animals.
  • The magnetic blocks and magnetic strips reduce the screen doors’ sound to almost NIL and keep it in place even during high wind.
  • The mesh is made of high density and anti-oxidation material, which is sturdy and durable.
  • It offers easy access to kids and pets with a sizeable bottom door.
  • You can easily attach the screen door without any tools. It comes with a bag of pins and a magic tape roll.

4. KILLIAN’s Convertible Sliding Garage Screen

Convertible sliding garage door screen from KILLIAN’s is a perfect convertible garage screen enclosure with removable sliding vents, integrated wood grain kickplate, and durable fiberglass screens. It comes in a fantastic range of shades, including Antique White Sunscreen, White Sunscreen, Charcoal Sunscreen, 2020 Charcoal, and 1814 Charcoal.

About this product

  • The convertible sliding garage screen comes with metal locks, stainless steel screws, and removable sliding vents integrated wood grain kick plate.
  • It features durable fiberglass screens with 1″ neoprene rollers for smooth sliding.
  • It offers three screen options; screen, vinyl, and acrylic.
  • The heavy-duty fiberglass screen door is made to last years.
  • It works with all kinds of weather and is exceptionally resistant to the Southern US’s subtropical climate.
  • It features a wide range of shades; Antique White Sunscreen, White Sunscreen, Charcoal Sunscreen, 2020 Charcoal, and 1814 Charcoal

5. EZE BREEZE – Garage Side Slider SS30

Take your garage to the next level with a Garage side slider from EZE BREEZE. A popular choice for a sliding garage door screen, EZE BREEZE offers a side-to-side door screen in a wide range of colors; white, beige, bronze, pebble khaki, and black. Made with high-quality aluminum frames and vinyl glazed panels, it adds both beauty and strength to your garage.

About this product

  • The EZE-BREEZE trademark vinyl-glazed panels return to their original shape in minutes, even after an impact.
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty on vinyl, screen, and moving parts.
  • You can choose from frame colors (White, Beige, Bronze, Pebble Khaki, and Black) and Screen colors (1814 Charcoal, 2020 Charcoal, 1814 Gray, 2020 Gray, Charcoal Sunscreen, and BetterVue Charcoal)
  • It comes equipped with neoprene wheels for easy sliding.
  • The kickplate at the bottom of the door screen provides additional strength and damage protection.

6. Michele’s Hide-Away Screens – 4 Track Sliding Door Screen

Michele’s Hide-Away Screens is the most practical and economical door screen in the market. It features corrosion-resistant Nylon rollers, a heavy-duty aluminum frame, and full-seal interlocking panels. The 4-track slider provides economical use of garage door space. You can open individual tracks to access the garage easily.

About the product

  • 4-Track slider screen is a comfortable sliding garage door screen.
  • You can opt. for top-hanging panels for easy installation.
  • It comes with multiple mesh-grade options.
  • It features a heavy-duty aluminum frame and locks for strength and corrosion-resistant Nylon rollers for easy operation.

7. Garage-Aire Sliding Garage Screen Door

The sliding garage screen door from Garage-Aire features an aluminum-framed screen designed to fit each garage opening. You can choose from various colors, screen type, square or angled corner, and kick panel options. The heavy-duty screen mesh makes it one of the most durable door screens.

About this product

  • Garage-Aire sliding doors are made from quality materials -vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass.
  • The solid 6063 extruded aluminum frame adds strength to the garage screen enclosures.
  • 2″ vinyl head track provides adequate height adjustment for most cases of uneven concrete.
  • You can use multiple color choices, white and sandstone, and choose sliding or stationary styles.

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