SKYLINK Atoms ATR1611C 1/2HPF Garage Door Opener

SKYLINK Atoms ATR-1611C 1/2HPF Garage Door Opener with Extremely Quiet DC Motor, Chain Drive, White.

Wouldn’t you wish to own a powerful door opener with an extremely quiet operation inside your garage?

SKYLINK ATR range of garage door openers are powerful yet quiet door opener that quickly lifts the standard single and double garage door

The exclusive chain drive technology with 1/2 HPf (power factor) can easily lift your standard 7-ft and 10-ft garage doors without producing the usual metal clanking vibration. Moreover, it comes with a battery backup that is California Senate Bill No. 969 compliant.

Let’s talk about SKYLINK Atoms ATR-1611C; the most basic ATR door opener ranges come under $150.

SKYLINK Atoms ATR-1611C Review

ATR-1611C features a powerful and quiet DC motor door opener that prevents loud noises, despite its chain-drive system. The reinforced steel chain drive models deliver optimum performance. Thanks to 1/2 HPf power and 7-feet rail, it can easily lift standard 7′ tall single and double garage doors.

It has an overall score of 8.16 out of 10 on The customers are ecstatic about its optimum performance, seamless control and functionality, excellent customer support, and low noise level.

It features a standard push wall button and a 1-Button garage door remote for easy door access.

It doesn’t include ATR signature Deluxe Wall/Premium LCD Console, auto-time closer, wi-fi capability, keypad transmitter, and passcode remote available in the rest of the ATR door opener range.

However, you will get the additional accessories to contain a keypad (Model# KN-318), 3-Button keychain remote, extension kit, and backup power battery.

The soft start and stop function gradually accelerates to full speed and slows down before stopping to reduce vibration and noise, common in chain-drive technology. It not only reduces noise but also retains the mechanical parts’ life.

The integrated LED energy-efficient light bulbs ensure less energy consumption while maintaining the conventional tungsten bulb’s life (maintenance-free). You’ll also get the signature SKYLINK-Patented Anti Break-in drive system that prevents unauthorized external access.

It comes with a 7-ft rail for easy assembly on standard 7′ tall doors. You’ll get extension kits (XR-008 & XR-010) within the package to help assemble for 8-ft and 10-ft garage doors.

Diagnosing the motor unit with ATR-1611C is easy. The visual diagnostic display equipped in the unit easily guides you through programming and troubleshooting.

It’s compatible with a backup battery (Model# BA-100), not included, to operate your door during power outages.

This is one of the most affordable garage door openers in the market. However, keep in mind that this is a pretty basic garage door system, and it doesn’t include a built-in Wi-Fi controller and passcode remote controller.

Does ATR-1611C offer reliable performance?

If you want a more than decent door opener for under $150, ATR-1611C is your answer.

It’s manufactured by Skylink that produces some of the most reliable automation tools and alert systems for an intelligent home. Each of their products is compatible with the Orbit Home app that easily integrates with Alexa or Google Assistant to control your garage door and other home units.

ATR 1611C chain-drive technology incorporated with a ¾ HPC DC motor offers enough torque to open even the heaviest doors. You can employ 1/2 HPf to open your standard 7′ tall door, including 8′ and 10′ heavy doors, with an extension kit.

This heavy-duty chain drive system requires zero maintenance and the 12W built-in LED light bulbs to provide long-lasting illumination.

The intelligent door opener model is sure to use less energy than most chain-drive openers available today. Moreover, the intelligent open and close technology reduces vibration and noise that is usual with chain-drive mechanical parts. It’s also easy to install and comes with video installation steps for homeowners.

If you wish to have an ATR door opener that is Wi-Fi compatible and offers a deluxe wall console with 2 3-button remote controls, you’d need to choose SKYLINK ATR-1622CKW or higher door openers.

What about Safety?

It’s an entirely safe garage door opener model. It’s compatible with battery backup that makes it California SB 969 compliant.

As of July 1, 2019, California law requires every modern garage door equipped with a backup battery to ensure that the doors open safely during a power outage. This law came into effect because people were trapped inside their homes when their electrical door wouldn’t work during a sudden power outage.

It features a wall-mount keypad for safe external access; and a 1-button keychain remote with rolling code technology. For added security, the AT-1611 includes rolling code encryption that generates a unique code for remote activation.

The built-in safety sensors (safety infrared) ensure that the door retracts in the event of obstruction (vehicle, child, or pets).

The steel-reinforced chain-drive system operates door panels at a slow speed to reduce vibration and to maximize mechanical parts’ life.


  • Affordable door opener with a powerful DC motor and HPf for reliable performance.
  • Extremely quiet and smooth operations.
  • Durable and innovative chain drive technology that ensures the slightest wear and tear
  • 7-feet rail ensures easy assembly
  • Installation is relatively easy; comes with programming steps
  • Backup-battery compatible. Built-in LED light.


  • The controls are prone to defects.
  • Programming the opener is quite complex.
  • The significant parts are plastic.
  • No multi-function wall console.

What do customers have to say?

Many customers in Amazon found that ATR 1611C is relatively easy to install and compatible with their garage doors. Many found it a reasonable replacement for their older door opener models. It works well with most single and double garage doors.

A user complained that this door opener model isn’t compatible with their traditional garage door.

Should you install SKYLINK Atom ATR 1611C?

ATR 1611C is one of the most affordable, quality products. With a price range lesser than $150, this will be a great addition to your garage and a valuable upgrade! The powerful ½ HPf DC motor with the durable chain-drive system quickly lifts your 7’ -10’ tall doors. The small motor unit easily mounts on your ceiling, and the simple interface offers ease of use.

If you want a door opener with Wi-Fi connectivity and real-time updates, you should look for a higher range of ATR garage door openers.

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