Chamberlain PD510 Review

Although using a garage door opener can be intriguing, however, the installation can be daunting. Notwithstanding, provided you need a product that won’t give you a tough time while you’re installing it, then this is one thing that you need.

It’s one that you can install in 60 seconds. And guess what? No matter one’s level of technical knowledge, the manual and other accessories that this comes with makes its use absolutely easy.


Chamberlain Pd510 Garage Door Opener, ½ Hp, Durable Chain Drive Operation, Includes 1-1 Button Remote, Wall Control Panel

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In addition, this is a functional garage door opener that you can depend on for a long period of time. The chain drive that this uses offers great and steady control of the doors.

In fact, it’s compatible with Homelinks and highly valuable, especially among nominal customers. The unit comes with a rail and it’s designed to work flawlessly with doors that are 7 feet tall although it’s in sections.

The sections snap together so easily. The sensor that it uses also is so sensitive and highly sensational when it comes to its uniqueness.

Notwithstanding, you can use it with 110V power outlets. It’s just the very one that you’d enjoy using. For apt understanding, you can check out the full information below.

Chamberlain PD510 Drive Garage Door Opener Review | Major Features

1. Chain Drive

Chain drive undoubtedly could resonate with irritating sounds. However, what makes this exceptional is because it makes the least noises compared to most products with such futuristic.

And guess what? This chain drive works exquisitely with the ½ HP motor that it features.  This motor enables a steady performance with the use of the chain drive.

It even features a stop and a start control on it. The motor itself is 2 feet when it’s installed. Of course, the 140V DC motor is usable with 110V so it’s one that can be used domestically with ease.

The motor is durable to use and the metallic material used for its design is not vulnerable to rust.

2. Safety Sensor

This product has 2 safety sensors on it. The sensor is so active that once an individual’s presence is noticed/detected, the LED light begins to flicker.

The unit glows a 200W bulb for absolute brightness for security reasons. Also, the intriguing futuristic is that the bulb is replaceable.

It does this automatically just like any other standard unit. In addition, it prevents accidents from happening by disallowing the closure of the door on objects.

Indeed, it’s a rolling technology that features PosiLock anti-theft protection. This protecting technology keeps the door lock for a long period of time. However, it’s a product that’s Homelink compatible and highly functional in all ramification.

3. Designs and Accessories

The dimension of this product is 26.5 x 8 x 13.2 inches and it weighs 15.71 pounds. Nonetheless, it comes with rails.

The rails are in 5 pieces and each of the rails is about 2ft long. It’s made of blue color and mountable right on the ceiling of the garage.

The rails are joinable in seconds. The accessories, on the other hand, are a remote, controller, and safety sensor. It requires the need for a battery and it’s backed with a warranty.

The unit is one that you can comfortably use, all you just need is to set the tension appropriately. In addition, the fact that it comes with a manual makes it absolutely easy to install.

Please note that the sensor bracket has to be clipped to the bottom of the rails which are positioned vertically.

4. Tri-Frequency Remote

Chamberlain Pd510 Garage Door Opener, ½ Hp, Durable Chain Drive Operation, Includes 1-1 Button Remote, Wall Control Panel

This is a unit that comes with 1 remote that has 3 buttons on it. The 3 buttons consist of one tri-frequency for radio transmission and the two buttons on it are for 2 safety sensors.

The remote is preprogrammed and the buttons are easy to press. As a matter of fact, there is a multifunctional wall control panel that you can use instead of the remote. In a nutshell, it’s a controller that you can use with ease and can easily be saved.

5. The Brand

This is a product that’s made by a manufacturer that provides one of the best services to customers. They have different garage door openers in different models.

They provide a warranty for each of their components and they can you can rely on their services.

Why Should You Use Chamberlain PD510 Drive Garage Door Opener?

1. Warranty

This is a product that its motor is backed with a 6-year warranty while the product itself is backed with a 1-year warranty. Nonetheless, it has the major futuristic that anyone needs so as to have the best use of it.

2. Great Customer Service

The manufacturer offers the best service that anyone would ever desire. They are astute to questions and their site is very well accessible.

In fact, purchasing this product would aid you to enjoy pleasant experiences in your garage.

3. Affordability

This product costs less, yet it has magnificent features. It’s one that you can undoubtedly use for a long period of time provided it’s used for doors that are 7ft tall.

4. Easy Installation

The manufacturer provides different media by which a user can secure adequate information in installing the unit. The manual and manufacturer websites are the media to embrace.

5. Sensational

This is a modern unit that comes with all the accessories that you need in having instant use of the product. Of course, it’s raving among customers.

PD510 Chamberlain Benefits

  • This is a product that uses a chain drive and 140V motor.
  • It works with power 120 outlets.
  • The motor is backed with a 6-year warranty and it’s highly reliable.
  • The unit features a remote control with 3 buttons.
  • It comes with a wireless control panel
  • It makes a steady performance and there are a stop and start option on it.
  • It comes with rails and you can flawlessly use it with doors that are 7ft tall.

The Negative Things

  • None.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Would this work with cars that feature Homelinks?

Answer: Yes, it would.

  1. I have got a door that’s taller than 7ft, how do I go about it?

Answer: Kindly order an extension kit. This would aid you to have the best use of it.

  1. Can I use the remote of this product for a garage door that’s made by another brand?

Answer: No, it’s proprietary.

  1. How many batteries does this use?

Answer: It uses one battery.

  1. How can I order an extra part?

Answer: That’s simple; contact the manufacturer and your needs would be met.

Final Verdict on Chamberlain PD510

This PD510 garage door opener is intriguing and absolutely usable anywhere around the globe. However, we enjoin you to opt for this product if at all you need a product that is usable for your garage.

You can even do the installation all by yourself. Also, you don’t need to make the purchase of an extra once this is purchased.

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