Chamberlain Group Chamberlain B970 Review

While there are so many garage door openers in the market today, not all of them will serve you satisfactorily. In fact, they really differ in terms of price and functionality. The Chamberlain Group Chamberlain B970 could do just more than open and close the garage door.

Chamberlain Group Chamberlain B970 Smartphone-Controlled Ultra-Quiet and Strong Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup and MAX Lifting Power, Blue Buy on Amazon
In designing this device, advanced technology has been applied which has not only made it convenient but also very reliable. With this premium performer, hacking becomes a thing of the past which means that your garage is very secure.

The device does not limit you to a tablet which may not be affordable. It can be connected with any standard smartphone and the application installed.

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Major Features of Chamberlain Group Chamberlain B970  

1. Smartphone control

Technology is advancing so quickly and we are heading to a world where smartphones can do nearly everything. Chamberlain B970 is no exception either. The door opener is connected with the smartphone so that everything about it can be controlled so fast and with ease.

An app, MyQ app is installed on the smartphone or tablet allowing you to control the garage door right from where you are. The application allows you to get notifications such as when the gate opens and closes.

This makes it very reliable and expedient. To crown it all, the MyQ app allows for customized schedules where you can even preset it for instance to close or to open at a particular time.

2. Durable and safe

Garage door openers determine how safe your garage is. In fact, they add value to your garage. This solid construction has been designed with very high technology features that ensure that your garage is totally safe.

The system of Chamberlain B970 cannot be hacked whatsoever as it has billions of code encryptions it also has a Posi-lock anti-theft system which adds to its security.

To ensure that the gate does not close when there is an object or a human being that may cause accidents, the garage door opener has an auto-reverse system that reverses the direction of the gate once it hits against something.

It is very durable, featuring strong steel belts. It has a lifetime warranty which is needless to say a mark of quality.

3. Battery backup and greater remote range

Ever thought about what would happen if you wanted to either open or close the gate and there is no power? This premium quality device solves it all. It has a battery backup which implies that you will no longer worry about power anymore.

It has a remote control with three buttons. It is easy to use and makes opening and closing very opportune. The remote is very powerful.

Exceptional to this ergonomic design, the remote covers as far as 1500 feet. Opening and closing the garage door has never been this appropriate.

4. Ultra-quiet design and easy to install

Garage door openers are associated with noise due to the chain drive system. In this device, however, the belt drive is extra quiet ensuring a favorable working environment. It is also apposite for garages that have a room above them.

Chamberlain Group Chamberlain B970 Smartphone-Controlled Ultra-Quiet and Strong Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup and MAX Lifting Power, Blue

The anti-vibration technology also ensures a quiet environment. Chamberlain B970 delivers smooth performance. Indeed, this is all that you might have been looking for.

It is easy to install, thanks to the lock rail. This is also complemented by a pre-programmed remote control.

There are also very many videos about it on the internet and a lot of information about it is readily available. In addition to this, it is delivered to you with a detailed, well-organized manual.

5. Unmatched Lift power and lighting system

Chamberlain B970 does just more than open and close a gate. It has unmatched lift power. Actually, it stands out among the other constructions in the market.

It has maximum lifting power compared to the other 1.25 power class constructions. It is pretty expensive but definitely worth the cost.

It has a lighting system that is very reliable and adds to security. This is because the motion detector is linked to it such that it lights once motion is detected.

This makes it very secure. The device is delivered to you upon order, well packaged right at your doorstep.

Why should you use chamberlain group chamberlain B970?

1. Advanced control technology

The chamberlain B970 comes with much-advanced control technology whereby you can use a Smartphone. You can easily open or close your garage door from anywhere by using your Smartphone or tablet.

This technology enables you to get notifications on your phone whenever your garage door is opened. This is a good feature that gives you a reason to use the Chamberlain B970.

2. Durable

This amazing product from chamberlain might serve you for a long time because it is made with high-quality materials.

Its belt is steel reinforced making it strong and durable and also gives the chamberlain B970 the smooth quiet performance. The motor and all other parts are also made with quality materials.

3. Reliable

The Chamberlain B970 comes with a backup battery that enables it works even when the power is off. This makes it reliable in any conditions when there is a power outage.

You don’t need to do the closing manually like in other garage door openers, but with the chamberlain B970, you are sorted out.

4. Safety and security

Chamberlain B970 has one of the best security that is trusty worth. It has 100billion code encryption that gives protection against hacking. The Posi-lock anti-theft protection on the chamberlain B970 ensures the door remains locked once it is closed.

There are safety sensors that reverse the door when there is the crossing of objects on the beam or contact with a person or an object.

5. High performance

Chamberlain B970 delivers the highest force of lifting. It is a super-strong garage door opener with a 1.25hp that offers the maximum lifting capacity among its class. It is designed to be the best in what it does with the highest performance.

Product Benefits

  • Offers maximum lifting power among its class
  • Has a backup battery
  • High range of remote coverage
  • Has trusty worth and good safety and security features
  • Can use phone or tablet to open and close the garage door
  • Receives alerts to your phone whenever the door is opened
  • Very quiet
  • Electronically protects the door against forced openings
  • Lifetime warranty on its belt and motor
  • Has motion-activated lighting

The Negative Things

  • Needs skills to install it.
  • Payment of subscription fee to use smart home systems is mandatory
  • Not cost-effective
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FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the B970 be connected to two phones?

Yes. The app can be installed on any number of devices.

  1. Can you adjust its speed?

No, you can’t.

  1. Does the chamberlain B970 come with the belt?


  1. Will it work on a 12’ door?

No. the maximum is 10’

  1. What voltage does this opener run on?

It runs on 120volts.

Final verdict

If you have been looking for a garage door opener that is very convenient, reliable, easy to use and extra-durable, your search is finally over! Each and every inch of Chamberlain B970 has been designed by professionals from different fields with security and durability in mind.

Having been made with the most recent technology, the elegant device is very secure and cannot at any particular time be hacked. It has a lifetime warranty which gives you 100% assurance of quality and durability.

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