Chamberlain B1381 Review

Chamberlain is one of the major brands of garage openers. They boast a wide range of basic and smart garage openers suitable for small and large garages at reasonable prices. You can get a basic Chamberlain garage opener for a pocket-friendly price range of $200, which is lesser than any cheap Craftsman and LiftMaster garage opener.

Looking at the need for a super silent garage opener with enough Horse Power for more oversized garages, Chamberlain Group introduced B1381. This Chamberlain garage door opener is specially made for homes with oversized garage doors; hence it’s slightly expensive than most Chamberlain garage opener models. However, It’s sure to provide the required strength and durability for lifting heavy garage doors without giving in.

Features, benefits, and limitations of B1381 before deciding further.

Is Chamberlain B1381 for you?

If your budget is on the generous side, then the Chamberlain B1381 is your smartest choice.

Powered by a rock-solid 1-1/4 HP motor, B1381 can lift even heavier doors, including wooden doors, fiberglass, aluminum, and steel. (Note: If your door is larger than 7-feet high, you’d need an extension kit).

Moreover, you can enjoy noiseless and vibration-free garage door operation thanks to the steel-reinforced belt drive technology.

The impressive 3,100 lumens LED lighting will fill your garage space, no matter the size. Corner-to-corner lighting is sure to help turn your garage into a makeshift workshop.

It’s a DC-powered dependable garage opener with a battery backup that keeps your garage accessible with or without electricity. Moreover, it’s a California SB-969 complaint.

The  Wi-Fi and built-in myQ technology for smartphone integration make the garage door accessible at all times. You can monitor the garage door usage, access voice control, and supervise the access by inviting guest users.

Some of the other features include In-Garage Delivery with Key by Amazon, two 3-button remote controls, a wireless keypad, and integration with smart home devices including voice Assistants.

If you’re a Prime subscriber, you can opt for Amazon Drop-in service to get your package delivered inside. The two 3-button TriBand technology boosts remote access range up to 1,500 feet for a quicker entrance and exit.

Talking about price, Lowes’s website, and the HomeDepot website puts it in the range of $300.

Talking about warranty, Chamberlain Group offers a lifetime motor warranty and 5-years limited warranty on parts.

Chamberlain B1381 Garage Opener Features

Here are some of the salient product details of the Chamberlain B1381 garage opener.

Built-in myQ Technology

Monitoring and controlling your garage door has been made easy with built-in myQ technology. Now, you can remotely access your garage opener with smartphone control thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi and myQ App.

The myQ smartphone control gives you the ability to control and operate your garage from anywhere using a remote control, monitor the usage, receive real-time notifications, smart garage control motion detection, and access live/recorded garage feed by subscribing to the cloud feed.

Share access to three people with the myQ garage Guest feature. Each model comes with a motion-detecting smart garage control panel for added security.


In terms of security, the Chamberlain B1381 product features security +2.0 with a 100 billion code encryption paired with your home’s ISP and Wi-Fi router firewalls to prevent hacking.

The Posi-lock anti-theft protection prevents attempts at forced entry and ensures that your garage door stays closed at all times. The safety sensor eyes prevent the door panels of the garage from collapsing on objects.

LED Light

The precision-engineered, long-lasting LED technology with a built-in 3,100 lumens of LED will brighten your entire garage from corner to corner.

LEDs last up to 30,000 hours but guarantee to use the least amount of energy -only 36 input watts.

The light arrays are also strategically positioned for maximum coverage for more oversized garages.

Strong & Noiseless Operation

Powered by Chamberlain’s effortless lifting power technology and 1-1/4 HP belt drive garage motor, it can lift the heaviest garage doors.

It easily matches the max lifting power capacity in the category for reliable performance in extreme conditions.

Also features an ultra-quiet & strong belt-drive garage door opener reinforced with steel for added strength and quieter operation. The silent drive technology integrated with high-grade materials keeps the everyday operation noiseless for attached garages.

Battery Backup

It comes with a quiet DC motor powered by a built-in battery backup for emergency uses, such as during power outages.

Thankfully, B1381 meets California SB-969 law that requires every garage opener to have a battery backup for emergency uses.

Key by Amazon

Drop-In feature from Amazon for smart garage is available for Prime members with Chamberlain B1381 garage opener in their home.

Select the secure in-garage delivery for all your packages and protect them from rain, wind, and dust. (Check for your delivery location eligibility.)

Wireless Keypad/Remote

Models include 2 Three-button remotes TriBand frequency remote that offers a reliable performance range up to 1,500 feet.

You can open your garage door before you get your home using the pre-programmed remotes. Also, easily integrate it with your home security system. Access your garage opener with IFTTT & Google Assistant.

Pros of Chain B1381

  • The belt-drive garage door opener ensures completely quiet operations. Now, you don’t need to worry about waking up your kids and pets.
  • Compatible with the Google home assistant, Google Assistant.
  • Offers Drop-In Service by Amazon Key.
  • The 3,100 lumens LED light offers corner-to-corner lighting.
  • The motor and rail are easy to install and remove.
  • Quality parts, standard safety sensors, easy-to-follow instructions, and Battery backup for reliable performance (California SB-969 complaint)

Cons Chain B1381

  • It isn’t compatible with voice control assistants like Amazon Alexa
  • You’ll need to buy an extension kit to install a garage opener for garage doors taller than 7-feet high.
  • The homeowners must subscribe to access recorded video clips for an additional fee of $60/year.
  • HomeLink compatibility problems on older vehicles.

Final Verdict

Considering the security features and good warranty provided by Chamberlain Group, Chamberlain B1381 is a great choice for most homeowners looking for dependable performance over everything.

Yes, it’s slightly pricier than other garage openers, but you wouldn’t want to forgo all the best features and quiet performance. And, the maintenance-free precision machined motor offers effortless lifting of double garage doors.

The sleek body design Ultra-Quiet & Strong belt-drive garage door opener are other great things about Chamberlain B1381. No doubt that it’s priced slightly higher than another intelligent garage model!

It has 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon and 4.8-star rating out of 5 on Home Depot, with a 92% recommendation rating.

If price is your concern, you can look for a slightly cheaper option –Chamberlain B970 offers many similar features. Chamberlain Group is known for its superior range of garage openers, and B1381 stands out among the lot.

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