Best Garage Door Sensor

Garage Door Sensor prevents accidents caused by the automatic garage door control and, in some cases, faulty garage door opener. Installing garage door sensors is also important because automatic garage door accidents have caused serious damage to cars and injuries to people over the years.

Garage Door Safety Sensor

All garage doors in the U.S. have to have safety features, such as sensors, installed. The U.S. Federal Law UL 325 requires all garage doors to include safety mechanisms, such as garage door sensors.

If you have a mechanical sensor that reverses the garage door control due to physical contact with an object, it’s time to switch to photoelectric sensors that use an infrared beam.

How does the Garage Door Sensor work?

  • The garage door sensor relies on two sensors with an invisible light beam placed on either side of the door that detect objects’ smallest presence, including a car tire, bumper, a person’s leg, and even a small child. It’s far safer than the traditional garage door sensor system. To ensure garage door safety and find out if sensors are out of alignment, check the exterior LEG light blinks when you close the garage door.
  • The green light means the sensors are working fine, while the red light indicates that sensors are not aligned. To check if the sensors are bumped off the alignment, refer to the sending and receiving sensor. The sending sensor has a yellow light. It transmits the infrared beam to the receiving sensor that has a green light. The garage door control sensor yellow light should always be lit.
  • Dirty sensor lenses and damaged wires are two of the other reasons for failed sensor functionality.

All garage door sensors work the same way and serve the same purpose. Most sensor models are universal, meaning they can be used with garage door control manufactured by different companies.

4 Best garage door sensors that you can find on Amazon

Here are some best sensors available on the market to increase the safety of your garage.

1. Genie GSTB-R STB-BL Replacement Safety Sensor

Genie Replacement Safe-T-Beams offer a simple beam sensor replacement for any Genie garage door opener.  This particular kit works well with all models of Genie Garage door opener made after 1993. It’s made to ensure maximum garage door safety and keeps your family, pet, and car safe from any possible accidents.

About this product

  • Genie Safe-T-Beams is backward compatible with all Genie residential openers that use a sensor system on any door size.
  • It replaces broken or faulty safety sensor beams in your Genie garage door opener’s Safe-T Beam system.
  • It works with every Genie Garage Door Opener manufactured since 1993.
  • The self-diagnostic feature alerts you of any malfunction in installation or operation.
  • It’s easy to install and remove and comes with mounting brackets and necessary hardware (Includes mounting brackets & hardware; does not include bell wire).

2. Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Safety Sensors G801CB-P

The Chamberlain Garage Door Safety Sensors are the topmost choice for garage door openers from Chamberlain, LiftMaster, and Craftsman. Chamberlain is the most recognized and dependable garage door opener in the country.

It’s compatible with any model manufactured after 1997. It’s easy to install, and it includes 18 inches of extension wire for custom rigging and mounting brackets.

About Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Safety Sensors G801CB-P

  • Chamberlain sensors are the best replacement for sensors for every Chamberlain/Lift Master and Craftsman Garage Door controller manufactured after 1997. Caution, It’s not compatible with Craftsman 100 series.
  • The safety sensors meet the requirement for safe use of all Chamberlain / Lift Master / Craftsman Garage Door Openers.
  • It immediately detects obstruction and reverses the garage door automatically.
  • The easy setup feature includes two sensors, mounting brackets, 18 inches of extension wire, and a Hardware Instruction manual.

3. LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Pair of Safety Sensors 041A5034

LiftMaster Garage Door Sensor 041A5034 is a safety reversing sensor Replacement Kit. It’s compatible with all garage door controllers made after 1997. The easy to install safety sensor includes two sensors, 2 conductor wires, wire connectors, wing nuts, and head bolts.

About this product

  • LiftMaster Garage Door Sensor 041A503A is a universal garage door sensor that is compatible with LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman garage door openers made after 1997.
  • This HDMI to VGA Adapter is ideal for converting and transmitting a digital signal from HDMI devices
  • The complete kit includes Sending Safety Sensor (with amber LED), Receiving Safety Sensor (with a green LED), 2-conductor wire, (5) wire connectors, (2) wing nuts, and (2) 1/4-20″ round head bolts.

4. Roost Smart Garage Door Sensor

Roost Smart Garage Door Sensor Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Roost Smart Garage Door Sensor is a Wi-Fi-connected safety device for a smart home that sends a notification to your smartphone when your garage door is either opened or closed. The smart garage sensor also updates you about the state of your garage door controller to minimize breakfast or any other compromises. Have more “real-time” information about your home’s garage door activity.

About Roost Smart Garage Door Sensor

  • Rooster smart garage sensor is an ultra-small size (35gm) enables it to be fitted easily inside the garage discreetly.
  • To enable the notification service, you would need to connect your garage door sensor to the Roost cloud through a smartphone app (iOS 9 or higher and Android 4.4 or higher).
  • The smart garage sensor’s battery lasts for 2 years. It’s available with a replaceable battery pack.
  • Rooster Smart Garage Sensor is easy to set up and connect to your home Wi-Fi.
  • You can easily tune the door notification to your personal notification.

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