Best Garage Door Lock

A garage door lock is slightly different from home locks. The garage door locks are more ideal for bigger doors that require strength and durability.

Protecting your vehicles, valuable assets, and tools is equally important; hence a quality garage door lock can become an important home security option. Whichever kind of garage door you may choose, it should withstand harsh weather and accidental breakage.

Things to consider before getting a garage door lock

  • Locking style or mechanism: You can choose from either a keyless or keyed locking system. A keyless entry system includes fingerprint scanning and keypad entry.
  • Backup keys: For a keyless locking system, you should always have a backup key to access the garage even during a power outage.
  • Material and durability: A quality garage door lock should be rust-free, durable, and strong. The material used should prevent lock picking, slamming, or drilling.
  • Ease of installation: The garage door lock should be easy to install and uninstall

10 Best Garage Door Locks you can get

Here is the list of ten best garage door locks that you can find on Amazon.

1. Fradon 2304 Switch Lock Tubular Key

Fradon 2304 Switch Lock Tubular Key boasts a lock body length of 1 1/8-in. It can bear an insulation resistance of 500 meg-ohms per minute that can withstand harsh sunlight and rainfall. According to many users, this garage door lock is quite a pick-resistant.

About this product

  • The tubular lock includes two keys.
  • Features a low voltage electrical garage lock, with a two-position switch on/off.
  • Comprises of switch lock design that contains a power line at 12 volts DC. The lock system has a current rating of 4 amps at 125 volts AC.
  • Effortless to install and uninstall.
  • The only drawback of the garage door lock is that it doesn’t offer more additional keys.

2. Garage Door Parts Stamped Deadbolt Cylinder

Stamped Deadbolt Cylinder is a low-voltage garage door lock that is equipped with high-security features. The door lock works perfectly on all kinds of garage doors. Along with a sturdy material, it offers an attractive look. The easy-to-setup door lock can be installed in less than 5 minutes.

About this product

  • Ergonomic design with attractive features and a strong locking mechanism. The deadbolt lock is hard to pick or break.
  • It boasts of sturdy metal material with a chrome-plated design and zinc stamp to withstand all kinds of weather conditions.
  • All of the mounting hardware is included with the door lock package.
  • It comes with a 6-months manufacturer’s warranty.

3. GarageShield Single-Pack Lock

Single-Pack Garage Door lock from GarageShield is effective against any intruder. It prevents intruders from using a design flaw to easily break-in. installing the GarageShield doesn’t require any tool. It also boasts of recycled ABS plastic that ensures lightweight design and durability.

About this product

  • Offers enhanced garage security by increasing the level of home security and preventing all forms of home invasions.
  • Prevents intruder break-in by omitting a design flaw.
  • The Garage Shield garage door lock works with all overhead garage openers with the modern sectional configuration. The easy-to-install lock takes only 6 seconds to setup.
  • Installation of the Garage Shield requires no tools.
  • Made from Recycled ABS Plastic that is lightweight, eco-friendly, and strong.
  • It’s the US made and Marine Veteran invented, owned, and operated.
  • The plastic-design is one of the big letdowns of the product according to most users.

4. ALEKO LM191 Universal Gate Door Flip Latch

ALEKO LM191 gate door latch is one of the most budget-friendly garage door locks in the market. The universal gate door latch fits all kinds of garage doors. The all-metal door latch is easy to install and can last for years. The corrosion resistance coating offers a shield against harsh weather conditions.

About this product

  • The simple yet effective door latch can be mounted on all kinds of garage doors, gates, and doors.
  • The great combination of strength and corrosion resistance protects from the weather conditions.
  • It’s adjustable from 0 inches up to 3 inches gap.
  • The galvanized steel is power painted to provide an aesthetic touch.
  • The garage door lock is applicable for a backyard gate door. It locks on its own due to its strength and ease of use.
  • Many users complained about the lack of instruction when buying this product.

5. Stanley Hardware 73-0870 Garage Door Lock

The Stanley Hardware 73-0870 is a cylinder type garage door lock that fits all garage door and wooden doors. The solid brass tumbler with aluminum design offers strength and durability against all kinds of harsh weather. It boasts of heavy-duty zinc die-cast housing and aluminum clear coat finish with solid brass 5 pin tumblers.

About this product

  • The key cylinder lock is for use with an exterior “T” Latch Handle (1846) and an interior Side Lock (1852). It fits on most doors with varying thickness
  • It’s designed to be used with GD 12119 or GD 12138. Includes one key cylinder with trim ring and two keys, one mounting plate, and two screws.
  • It includes one key cylinder with a trim ring and two keys, one mounting plate, and two screws.
  • One of the cons of owning Stanley Hardware Brands of Garage Door Lock is that the door lock comes with a key code stamp that can be duplicated.

6. ANVIL MARK 807279 Door Guard Brass

ANVIL Mark 807279 Door guard boasts of zinc finish and brass polish for additional strength and durability. It has a trim ring and a cylindrical lock mechanism that works well with both steel and wood garage doors. It measures 3×3 inches and boasts a tough door security feature.

About this product

  • ANVIL Mark 807279 door guard features a strong zinc door lock for steel and wood doors alike.
  • The garage door lock has a position holding design so that the lock stays locked whenever you need it that way.
  • The brass polish prevents steel corrosion from harsh weather conditions.
  • It measures 3×3 in and weighs 4 ounces.
  • It includes a total of 6 cases in its quantity, which makes it easy to install on your garage door.

7. Prime-Line Products 52145 Slide Bolt Latch

52145 Slide Bolt Latch from Prime-Line Store is a classic garage door latch. It features a slide bolt latch that is easy to set up and use. It’s a manual door lock made with a solid brass body covered with zinc for strength and durability.

It includes fasteners for quicker installation and a one-year manufacturer warranty.

About this product

  • The slide bolt latch features a solid brass body covered with zinc for additional strength and protection from harsh weather.
  • It applies to all types of steel and wooden garage doors
  • It comes with two surface mount keeper and fasteners.

8. National Hardware N280-768 V7650 Dead Bolt Rim

National Hardware N280-768 V7650 deadbolt rim is a cylindrical deadbolt style garage door lock made completely with aluminum.  The ball bearing design makes it very smooth and stealth in operation. As a heavy-duty garage door security lock, it can be used as a universal garage door lock.

About this product

  • The all-aluminum deadbolt lock body provides strength and durability. It can last for years.
  • The product is a rim cylindrical garage door security deadbolt lock that is easy to install.
  • Includes 2 keys
  • It features unlocking and locking from either side of the overhead garage doors.
  • You get a replacement lock cylinder and a pair of keys with each product.
  • You can also use it as a replacement lock cylinder for older garage doors, gates, and fences.

9. Garage Door Parts Locking Side Latch Mechanism End Style Lock

Locking Side Latch from Garage-Door-Parts is a side latch for all types of garage doors, fences, and gates. The all-metal casting body is designed for strength and durability. It’s based on a stamped deadbolt design with multiple locking arms that makes it unpick-able.

About this product

  • The side latch boasts of a sturdy steel body and zinc plated finish for additional strength and durability.
  • It’s ideal and applicable for end stile mounting on garage doors. And, you can choose either right or left installation.
  • You can also attach an optional handle to this garaged door lock.
  • It’s also a universal side latch for a garage door opener, and it accommodates lock bars of most types.

10. Prime-Line Products GD 52169 Keyed T-Handle

GD 52169 Keyed T-Handle is a spring-based locking mechanism that can fit well on almost all types of garage door security. The zinc body and chrome plating finish make it strong and durable against all scratches and harsh weather conditions.

About this product

  • The T-Locking handle is used on garage doors, campers, recreational vehicles, fences, etc.
  • The zinc die-cast construction and Chrome plated finish provide additional strength and durability.
  • The steel garage door security can be used as a slide bolt latch with an easy surface mount installation.

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